The office of the lawyers of Carles Puigdemont vandalized for the second time in 9 months

For the second time in 9 months, the office has been attacked and vandalized but nothing has been robbed.   "Tonight, our office has been vandalized for the second time in less than 9 months... we need to establish if anything is missed or have been left behind", has said Gonzalo Boye, one of the lawyers of Catalan president in exile and MEP Carles Puigdemont. In October 2019 the Spanish police officially raided the office, later in January Spanish squads also assaulted it. Who is coordinating such intimidatory attacks? Is this normal in the EU now? Spain has no reasons, only terror is its reason.

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Two Spanish terrorist attacks in the same night

The headquarters of the political movement Primàries (Primaries), a pro independence grassroots movement with fifty local councillors over Catalonia was the objective of the terrorists in Montornès del Vallès. They also painted the word Franco twice in front of the building. Franco was a Fascist dictator who ruled Spain since 1939 to 1975 when he died. He was never dismissed, in fact his heirs were named by him and still are ruling Spain as a monarchy of the Bourbon family. The second attack was in a cultural association, Òmnium Cultural, founded in 1961 to defend the Catalan culture. The headquarters in Barcelona were burned and the "broken crystals". This association with dozens of thousands members was also persecuted by Franco and his chairman is nowadays jailed by the post Francoist regime in Spain. 

As Spanish cannot defeat the will of democracy and freedom of the Catalan people, colonialist use the violence and terror to stop it.

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President of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), being spied on by the Spanish (PSOE-U.Podemos) government

President of the grassroots civical organization Catalan National Assembly (ANC),Elisenda Paluzié, affirms she is being spied on by the Spanish PSOE-Unidas Podemos government. The economist and first woman deacon of the Barcelona's Economy Faculty explained that she is being spied on by the Spanish intelligence services: 'We have mobile phones operated by secret services of the PSOE government and Podemos' , she has said. She claims that a few months after she was elected president of the organization, her mobile phone was analyzed: ‘I had a device installed that records me and everything I type, it sends out. I am under surveillance. We have a state that aims to end the independence movement', she said.


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Carles Puigdemont, Exiled Catalan President and MEP, releases today the book 'Fight in Exile'

Carles Puigdemont, Exiled Catalan President and MEP, released today the book "Lluita a l'exili" (Fight in Exile). this is the third book of the President, also journalist, after 'The Catalan crisis' (2018) and 'M'explico' (I explain myself). The Catalan President exiled president in Waterloo, explain his last months in exile and his jailing in Germany. Puigdemont again proposes a referendum on Catalonia's independence in Catalonia, or even in the whole of Spain, as a solution to the issue. "We should not be the ones who propose another roadmap. We have done it several times, we have made several proposals respecting the constitutional path, but Madrid has rejected them all. Now it is time for Spain to be creative; otherwise we will continue fighting for an independence that is recognized by international law through the ruling of the International Court of Justice on Kosovo." 


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Barcelona withdraws the gold medal of Spanish King Juan Carlos in spite of pro Spanish left ruling party Unidas Podemos) abstention

The Barcelona's City Council today approved to withdraw the Gold Medal from former King Juan Carlos Bourbon who has flet to United Arab Emirates and reproved the management of the Spanish government. The Catalan pro-independence partiesTogether for Catalonia (JxCat) and Catalonia's Republican left (ERC) have voted in favor, Barcelona en Comú/Unidas Podemos abstained and PSOE (Spanish ruling party), PP (Spanish party founded by a Franco's minister), C'anos (Spanish anti Catalonian far right party) and Barcelona pel canvi (split from C'anos lead by the former PM of the French Republic Manuel Valls)  against. Barcelona pel Canvi tried unsuccesfully to avoid the vote. As usual the way that Spanish forces solve debates is to avoid a vote. 

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Carles Puigdemont: ‘The realistic vision is the intelligent management of the confrontation with the state’

The Catalan Summer University of Prada de Conflent (UCE) is held this year in conditions of resistance, as recalled by the President of the UCE in the presentation of the event. That’s why only about thirty people, basically about twenty prominent positions of Together for Catalonia and a dozen journalists, were able to follow live an event, the president’s conference Carles Puigdemont, which like all this year’s events have been done online. Carles Puigdemont warns Spain that it has lost judicially in Europe and it is time to negotiate.

On the balcony that gives access to thehostel Pau Casals, President Puigdemont has answered the question of whether independence is disabled or not, that this was the title of the conference.

He began in an extremely cautious manner, saying he did not want his words to be interpreted as responses to any recent controversy.

He has said that all attempts by the state to disable political and social leadership had failed. And he gave the example ofOriol Junqueras, Marta Rovira, himself Jordi Sànchez i Jordi Cuixart, the fact that they have not given up their projects, to emphasize that the beheading process planned and verbalized by Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria had failed. In his opinion, this is not the only thing, but three years later it can be said that the Spanish state has ‘failed in its goal of doubling the will for independence’.

However, Puigdemont also acknowledged that the repression ‘has left gaps’ and side effects among independence. But he added that this does not necessarily last: ‘Where there is disorientation there can be guidance, where there is division there can be unity,’ he said.

From here, he said that three years later it is clear that the Spanish state cannot deactivate the independence process because ‘deactivating independence is only in our hands’. Comparing figures, he recalled that today, amid the pain and repression unleashed by the Spanish state, more than twice as many people support independence as when the process began.

Based on this and the fact that, according to him, no negotiating platform for self-determination will ever emerge from Spain, Puigdemont has asked himself two questions. The first is ‘if we want to disable independence’ and the second if ‘we do enough’. And then he proposed what he considers the only realistic way: ‘intelligent management of the confrontation with the state’.

He called for abandoning fatalism and planning a confrontation with Spain, which recent experience indicates cannot be carried out only in institutional and democratic terms, as most citizens of Catalonia would like, he said.

Puigdemont has focused the organization of this response on the role that should play the Council for the Republic and he has said the state will not be able to stop it: ‘If to this day it has failed to bend us, it is because this is beyond its reach.’

In the turn of answers to the questions that have sent him the students of the UCE, Puigdemont has said, on the Catalan Countries, that it was necessary to respect the majority will of each territory, but has also added, for the first time, that it is surely there will be parts of the country that will ask to join the Catalan republic when it is recognized and that this must also be respected.

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Two new parties join the Council for the Catalan Republic

The Left Movement (Moviment d'Esquerres), a split of the Spanish Socialist Party, as well as Catalan Solidarity for Independence (Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència) have joined the Council for the Catalan Republic. The Council is a private organisation headed by deposed Catalan president and MEP Carles Puigdemont, which seeks to organise and promote the Catalan independence movement following the failure of the 2017 Catalan declaration of independence. It also promotes the defence of civil and political rights. The council would consist of the president and seven members.

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Together for Catalonia (JxCat), cross party for independence, held its founding congress

Together for Catalonia (Junts per Catalunya, JxCat) held its founding congress on 25 July. Its promoter, President and MEP Carles Puigdemont, explained the reasons: "People have already voted in five JuntsXCat elections." We have representatives from town halls to the European Parliament. People know the name and the faces and have voted for us en masse. Now we have to get on well. "

The Minister of Culture in Exile, Lluís Puig, explained that the project went beyond independence "We are committed to Catalan culture and language. We will continue to work to support our associative fabric. We are committed to going together in this immediate future that begins today: now and here. Let's do it together. " And the also exiled Minister of Health clarified the unitary proposal: "Together it is the political space of those who believe that this unity should also be electoral: from the ideological diversity of those of us who are part of it." Councilor Meritxell Borràs, imprisoned in the wake of the October 1 referendum, explained that "To achieve the noble ideals we want, we need to build it from the base of a modern, feminist and progressive society that looks after "People 's well - being and security. Thinking together we will have the future we want." Councilor Jordi Turull, sentenced to 12 years in prison by the Spanish Inquisition, explained "I am here with you for loyalty to President Puigdemont, because I feel committed to October 1 and to the people who shared the repressive shame of "a State. And for a goal as huge, noble, peaceful and democratic as the independence of Catalonia".

According to the new party "Our aspiration is to strengthen the alliance of those who are on the same side. That is why we call ourselves Together, Together for Catalonia. We will always have the doors open to those who share the need to join to be stronger. From Together we want to go through the corners of the country and address the whole of society to explain that an independent Catalonia must be done in the only way that is viable: we must do it together.We are all Catalan Republic.Only independence it will give us the tools and resources we need to ensure the future of Catalonia. The future we have depends on ourselves."

The Faroese Republican Party, the Uyghur World Congress, the Kashmir Coalition, Native American lawyer Brett Chapman, the Socialist Kanak National Liberation Front and Corsica Libera gave their support to the formation. In the latter case through the current Speaker of the Parliament of Corsica G.G. Talamoni.

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Do they really need money or did they waste it? Spain has the largest train HSR in Europe and the second of the world

Spain has the largest train high-speed rail network (HSR) in Europe and the second of the world. It has a significantly high figure: 2,665 km. They are more kilometers than in France, which has 1,896, and that in Germany (1,285). In the rest of the world, only China (with 4,079 km) –and also Japan (2,534 km), according to the UIC ranking– are ahead.

The current map of Spanish high-speed draws attention, first of all, for its radiality. All the corridors have Madrid as their epicenter, although some transversal AVE services - those that link Barcelona with Seville and Malaga - border the capital without stopping there, thanks to a bypass. There are others, especially the medium-distance Avant, that nurture relationships between cities along the different axes, many of them far from Madrid. The Government's plans foresee other lines - there are 1,767 km under construction, according to the UIC - that must break, at least partially, this radiality. But most of them follow this same scheme. Another relevant aspect is that the Spanish network is isolated from that of the rest of Europe. It will reach the border in 2012m but will not be linked to the bulk of the continent until 2020, when France completes its southern corridor.

On the other hand, having more network in operation does not mean having the highest volume of travelers. High speed transported 17.1 million passengers in Spain in 2009, divided between long-distance trains (AVE), which totaled 11.5 million, and medium-distance trains (Avant), with another 5.6 million. Although it is difficult to make comparisons with other countries - due to the lack of comparable figures - some sources have quantified the distances, which are enormous. According to Germà Bel, Professor of Economics at the University of Barcelona, ​​the Spanish passage is only 7% of the Japanese, 15% of the French or 30% of the German.

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Three Catalans injured by Spanish Neonazi Gangs in 4 hours

A Spanish neonazi identified as Daniel Fernandez (45) brutally beaten yesterday a Catalan kid (14) for wearing a T-Shirt with the Catalan language inscription 'Antifeixista Sempre'. The kid is hospitalized and the Nazi has not been detained. The terrorist attack was in Manresa (Bages region). Four hours later three masked Spaniards tried to stole the Catalan flag in Collsuspina, Moià. When the neighbors saw them were victims of another savage attack with two of the Catalans injured one of them with injuries in the eye and being hospitalized too. As usual the Spanish comanded police has detained none. 

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Columbus Monument Burned in Barcelona

The Columbus Monument in Barcelona is a 60 m (197 ft) tall monument to Christopher Columbus . It was constructed 1888 by the Spanish authorities to honor the Spanish Imperialism in America, the Christian religion conversion of Native American peoples and the conquest of almost all the continent by Spanish genocides. Yesterday at night a group of Catalan people burned the base of the monument. Several Catalan movements are asking the Barcelona's local council to topple the monument. Barcelona is ruled by a front of Spanish parties lead by pro Spanish Ada Colau, Communists (En Comú Podem), Socialists (PSOE) and liberals (Ciudadanos) were 2nd, 3rd and 4th the elections but formed an alliance to rule the city.

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Political party denounces a pharmaceutical company for not labeling its products in Catalan too

The political party Força Catalunya has denounced the pharmaceutical company Almirall for not labeling its products in Catalan, as established by the law of the Consumer Code of Catalonia. "Discrimination of this nature is absolutely intolerable in any democratic system where the linguistic rights of its citizens must be guaranteed," the formation said in a statement.

The party insists that this pharmacy distributes products "intended for human consumption", and therefore "this lack of availability of consumer instructions in Catalan incurs a violation of the Consumer Code" which establishes as a priority to offer in Catalan those data mandatory directly related to the safeguarding of health and safety ".

It is for this reason that Força Catalunya demands that the Catalan Consumer Agency "proceed to open the corresponding sanctioning file, and impose the mandatory sanctions for the regulatory breaches expressed" in the complaint made by the party.

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The Canigó's Flame Begins Its Way From Northern Catalonia (French State) to the Southern

The Flama del Canigó ritual is gradually becoming more popular and more established. It combines with the Sant Joan midsummer celebrations to evoke the common identity of Catalan-speaking lands.
The fire of the Flama del Canigó (Canigou Flame) is never extinguished. It keeps burning throughout the year at the Perpignan Castellet until 22 June, when it is carried to the mountain's summit. At midnight the fire from the flame is shared out among those present. Straightaway they set off, splitting and spreading the fire to light the Sant Joan bonfires in hundreds of towns, villages and cities.
On foot or horseback, by car, bike, boat and any possible means of transport, the Flama del Canigó reaches every corner of the land, thanks to the efforts of numerous groups and associations. Each village, town and city receives the flame in it own way, with music, devils, dance, etc., but always with a shared ritual. Everywhere, when the flame has reached its destination, before the bonfires are lit, a common message is read out to remind everyone of its significance.
This mobilisation requires a big effort to coordinate the routes the flame takes, complete all the paperwork and steps required to get the necessary authorisation and permits, and to publicise the movement so as to highlight and spread it. Obviously, all this work starts many months before Sant Joan, and some years ago now, Òmnium Cultural took on the central role as the body in charge of organising and promoting the activities hundreds of individuals, institutions and associations plan round the flame.
This ritual began in 1955, on the initiative of Francesc Pujades, who lived in Arles de Tec (Arles sur Tech). Inspired by "Canigó", the famous poem by Jacint Verdaguer, he got the idea of lighting fires at the top of the mountain for Sant Joan and spreading the flame around. The custom spread rapidly and in 1966 it crossed the border with France for the first time, reaching Vic. Despite Franco's dictatorship, the tradition gradually spread to all the Catalan-speaking lands, symbolising the survival of the country's culture.

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Catalan National Assembly Renews Its Direction

Elisenda Paluzie was reelected as president of the Catalan National Assembly (Assemblea Nacional Catalana, ANC) on Saturday after the pro-independence group held an election to renew its top leadership positions. Paluzie got 6.078 votes, around 85% of the ballots cast.

One of Catalonia's most influential pro-independence grassroots groups, the ANC first elected Paluzie after its former president, Jordi Sànchez, was imprisoned for his role in the 2017 bid to hold a referendum and separate from Spain.

As head of the ANC, Paluzie has repeatedly criticized Catalonia's ruling pro-independence parties for not being more confrontational with Spanish authorities.

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CIA: Spanish Socialist PM was the mastermind of terrorist squads

CIA report made public yesterday confirmed that former Socialist PM Felipe Gonzalez was the mastermind of terror paramilitary squads GAL that killed or injured more than sixty people, some of them Basque activists in the 1980-90s. The CIA declassified document links former Spain's PM, Felipe González (PSOE), with the creation of GAL, formed by death squads established illegally by officials of the Spanish government in the 80s.

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Catalan Activists Destroyed the Columbus Ship in Barcelona in the Past, Now It's Time to Remove His Monument

Catalan nationalists have denounced several times the Columbus Spanish parafernalia. In 1987 the Spanish police detonated a bomb that had been left near the Santa Maria, a replica of the ship Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World in 1492 and a popular tourist attraction.On the Spanish racist Día de la Raza (Columbus Day) on October 12th, 1987 members of the Catalan Nationalist Youth assaulted the ship to protest against the Spanish imperialism defending decolonization and denouncing the Spanish colonization in America with milions of deaths.

In addition to putting the Native Americans to work as slaves in his gold mines, Columbus sold sex slaves to his men, some as young as 9. Columbus and his Spanish men raided Native TTaino villages for sex and sport. Columbus began rewarding his lieutenants with sex slaves -- particularly young girls who had been forced into sexual slavery. In a letter to a friend, Columbus remarked upon how girls between the ages of nine and ten could be used as currency. In the year 1500, Columbus wrote: "A hundred Castillian are as easily obteained for a woman as for a farm, and it is very general and there are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten are now in demand".

The ship not a 'caravel', was a replica of dubious historicism built to make the 1951 film Alba de América, a piece of Franco's Spanish Fascist filmography designed to honor the exploits of the Spanish Imperialism. Shortly after his film intervention, the ship stopped at the dock of Barcelona, where it soon became a tourist attraction of the late Franco regime and the first years of democracy.

Later, in 1989, the Catalan military organization Terra Lliure (Free Land) considered the ship to be a symbol of Spanishness and attacked the ship, causing a couple of fires in May 1990. In the second one the symbol was damaged enough for the port authorities to realize that the repairs were more expensive than the revenue the ship could bring in, and in the midst of the Olympic fever they chose to remove it. Shortly afterwards, it was towed towards the Maresme offshore and sunk at the height of Arenys de Mar.

Barcelona's Pro independence Catalan have demanded several times to remove the Columbus monuments as a symbol of imperialisme, and a tribute to a slavetrader. In 2016 the monument was defaced with paitings on the Columbus Day and in 2018 pro independence councillors demanded the removal of the monument but pro Spanish mayor (Unidas Podemos) refused to remove the symbol. It's time for Justice.

Petition to topple the monument.

In 2016 the monument was defaced calling for decolonisation.

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The Spanish ruling party closes the Office of the Aragonese Language after four years of work

The Office of the Aragonese Language (Ofizina de Lengua Aragonesa) in Uesca has closed its doors for four years of work to "promote the normalization, use and presence of Aragonese in all areas of social and cultural life of the city ​​", as stated in the presentation of this area on the website of the City of Huesca. As planned, the service has stopped providing this May 30. The 2020 budgets had no item to extend the contract because “there are other priorities,” as justified in February by the socialist municipal government. The defense and promotion of the language was in front of the Spanish imperialist forces, PP and Citizens. The popular ones were especially critical with the positioning of the posters that welcomed in Huesca in Spanish and Aragonese in the entrances of the city. Now the Spanish ruling party PSOE has added to these positions.

In October 2019 from a PP motion that was seconded by Cs and Vox, the posters in Aragonese had already been removed. Without signs and without the Aragonese Language Office, of the attempt to promote a language that, according to the municipal website, "is part of our cultural heritage and our language history", only the posters of Ubierto and Zarrau (open and close) that several establishments remain commercials and hoteliers keep hanging on the doors.

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Campaign to to watch Disney+ films dubbed in Catalan language

The campaign asks Disney to subtitle the films and to Stop the discrimination against the Catalan language. This discrimination is only based in the fact that Catalonia is not an state. "We want to watch Disney+ films dubbed in Catalan language. The number of Catalan speakers is 10 million peopla. It is larger than many European Union language as Bulgarian, Danish, Estonian, Finish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Slovenian, or Swedish."

Link to the Help page

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Spain purchased 1,6 million of defective tests

The Ministry of Health, Salvador Illa, a philosopher who knos nothing about health questions revealed that 640,000 coronavirus tests that it had purchased from a Chinese supplier were defective. In addition, a further million coronavirus tests delivered to Spain on March 30 by another Chinese manufacturer were also defective. Illa was named Minister by his well known opposition against Catalan independence and has been living from politics since 1987.

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Medical College says that the Spanish Government is lying

The Madrid's Medical College (ICOMEM) hsa published a tweet where it says thet the Spanish government formed by Socialists (PSOE) and former Communists (Unidas Podemos) lies. The College has denies that Coronavius testing is done on all physicians who have been exposed to the virus. The Spanish government, who said that, "as much there will be ten infected in Spain" only a month ago claimed that tests were done to all physicians. But it is not the only lie. The Madrid's Medical College also denounces that Madrid's ICUs are 150 % full and in many cases 200 %. Today the Spanish government said that ICUs are not at full in Madrid.

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