Thursday, January 18, 2018

Spain recognizes that the police repression against the Catalan referendum cost $118m

The deployment of up to 6,000 extra police in Catalonia during the affluent region's banned independence referendum cost the Spanish government 87 million euros ($118m), the country's interior ministe. Spain says police reinforcement during Catalan referendum cost $118m.

Speaking in the Spanish Senate, nationalist conservative Popular Party minister Juan Ignacio Zoido said the money had gone towards the upkeep, accommodation and travel costs incurred by sending National Police and semi-militarized Civil Guard officers to reinforce Catalonia's local Mossos d'Esquadra police force in the days around the Oct. 1 independence referendum branded unconstitutional by Spain's judiciary.

The Spanish police employed brutal tactics in their operation to clear voters out of polling stations during the prohibited Oct. 1 ballot. All in vain. The referendum was held and more of 90 % of the voters said Yes to Independence.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Catalan lawmakers elect pro-independence Roger Torrent as Catalan Parliament Speaker

Roger Torrent (Republican Catalan Left, ERC) has been elected as new Speaker of the Catalan Parliament. 38-year old Roger Torrent (Republican Catalan Left, ERC) has been democratically elected as the new Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, obtaining amajority in a second-round vote in the chamber on Wednesday. Torrent is the Mayor of Sarria de Ter since 2007. Josep Costa, from Together for Catalonia, was elected as Vice President of the Parliament.  Torrent has ended his first speech with a clear message "Long Live Democracy and Long Live Catalonia!". 

Twitter profile of the new Speaker is @rogertorrent11.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Spanish Government announces that it does not recognize the result of Catalan election called by themselves

It does not matter which the result was.
It does not matter if pro independence parties won on December 21st.
It does not matter if Carles Puigdemont was acclaimed as the legitimate President.
It does not matter ig the Mariano Rajoy party, Popular Party, was humiliated with only 4 out of 135 MPs. The party founded by a Franco Minister will rule Catalonia anyway and it has announced that will not recognize the result of the elections. Is it a coup ?

Direct rule over Catalonia will be maintained if Carles Puigdemont tries to govern remotely from self-imposed exile in Belgium, Spain’s prime minister has warned. Moreover Puigdemont VP will be in jail and he could not be in the Parliament as the Spanish Inquistion announced.
Mariano Rajoy said any new regional president had to be “physically present” to take office as the local parliament in Barcelona reconvenes tomorrow.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Spain Denies the Right of Catalan Vice President and newly elected MP to attend the Parliament

Catalan vice president Oriol Junqueras, who has been in jail for more than two months, was deniend permission to attend the Catalan parliament’s opening plenary session to maintain the pro-independence bloc’s majority. The situation is surreal as Junqueras was the leading candidate of its party, ERC, and obtained 32 MPs and 929.407 votes to be in the Parliament. Democracy in Spain is being adulterated and raped. Moreover the Spanish inquisition also stated that votes could not be taken by proxy, meaning that Junqueras and his two imprisoned colleagues, Joaquim Forn and Jordi Sànchez, might not be able to vote in absentia.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Spain's Inquisition court rules Catalonia VP should remain jailed if he does not rennounce to his political ideas

Spanish supreme court judges have ruled against allowing ousted Catalan vice president Oriol Junqueras out of jail while he is investigated for rebellion and other charges stemming from the region’s drive for independence. Judges said there was a risk that Mr Junqueras might commit further crimes as there was no sign he intended changing his ways.They recognize that Junqueras did not act with violence but consider their political ideas as dangerous. The pro-independence VP Oriol Junqueras is one of several members of the sacked regional cabinet held on provisional charges following a declaration of independence October 1 last year. He was reelected as MP on December 21st beating 32 to 4 to the Spanish ruling party.

Catalan answer to inquisition

ERC spokesperson Sergi Sabrià told they were not surprised by the decision. “We do not understand at all the decision that has been taken,” he said, adding that they were prepared for a Europe-wide battle to ensure that “the sooner the better, Junqueras is at home with his loved ones and doing politics”.
Sabrià hoped the vice-president’s request to be transferred to a Catalan prison was accepted so he could attend sessions of the new parliament. Junqueras tweeted: “In the coming days, stay strong and united. Transform indignation into courage and perseverance. Anger into love. Always think of others. In what we have to redo. Persist because I will persist.”

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Thousands Protest in support of Oriol Junqueras

Protests around Catalonia in support of Junqueras Tonight. The demonstrations, called by the pro-independence groups Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Òmnium Cultural, took place in front of town councils around Catalonia, but a special gathering took place in Sant Vicenç del Horts, the locality on the outskirts of Barcelona where Junqueras lives and of which he was mayor between 2011 and 2015. Catalan political and social leaders such as Jordi Turull, Joan Tardà, Agustí Alcoberro and Marcel Mauri were among the many who gathered in Junqueras's hometown.

It is now more than two months since Junqueras was imprisoned, as a speaker noted to the gathering of around a thousand people at Sant Vicenç dels Horts. The town's mayor, Maite Aymerich, told those assembled that "it is very easy" to resolve the court appeal made on Thursday for his freedom. "Oriol will not attempt to flee, he will not destroy evidence which does not exist, nor will he repeat any offence", she noted. In turn, the vice presidents of Òmnium and the ANC commented that dialogue is "the only way to solve the political conflict", affirming that the Spanish state "has lost its credibility".

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thousands rally in Majorca for self-determination and independence

Between 2,000, according to the Spanish press, and 5,000 people, according to the organization, participated yesterday in the traditional event of the Day of Majorca, which every year travels through the streets of Palma to claim the right to self-determination of the people. It remembers the Catalan conquest of the island by James I in 1229 December 31st.

The march, very festive and colorful, was organized on December 30 by the Block of Popular Unity (BUP), under the slogan 'In Mallorca We decide: Independence, Catalan Countries', and the 31-D Platform with the slogan "We are a nation, We have the right to decide".  Despite the cold, people from all over the island and from the rest of the Catalan Countries have enjoyed the vindication of the Right to Decide of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. Since the beginning of the march, proclamations have been heard calling for the freedom of Catalan political prisoners and in favor of independence.


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Friday, December 29, 2017

Twelve Catalan teachers cited to Spanish court for comments on non-violence

Twelve secondary school teachers from a community on the outskirts of Barcelona have been cited to give explanations to police, following complaints which have led the Civil Guard to investigate a possible "hate crime". The teachers, from the El Palau secondary school in the town of Sant Andreu de la Barca, will be required to talk to the paramilitary police in January, after alleged comments made by some teachers at the centre relating to non violence and the police repression of the Catalan referendum on October 1st. The comments were supposedly made to pupils who are the children of members of the Civil Guard itself, which has a barracks close to the school.

According to sources quoted by Europa Press, it is expected that the teachers will give their version of events between January 4th and 10th to clarify whether any of them could have commited a hate crime; it is the Civil Guard which, in the first instance, will investigate the case in its role as the judicial police force. If it is considered that there is a case to answer, the Spanish Public Prosecutor's Office will then lay a complaint to bring the case before a judge.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Police arrest two councillors of the CUP in Reus

Police detained yesterday at noon in city of Reus to councillors of CUP (Popular Unity Candidatura, Catalan pro independence left) Oriol Ciurana and Marta Llorens for not declaring in an investigation to instigate hatred against police in drafting of a manifesto criticizing Presence in city of reinforcement contingents of Spanish police following illegal consultation of 1 October. The arrest was practiced after 12 noon in municipal offices, where they have come to "work as usual," . Encouraged by dozens of demonstrators who have concentrated to support , two councillors had expressed their intention not to voluntarily face judicial authority. "You know where you can find us". They were jailed all night long. The court freed them this morning after they refused to declare. The Reus Democratic Mayor, also prosecuted, participated in the concentration in solidarity of repressed elected councillors. 

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tribute to Catalan President Francesc Macià in his grave

Catalan autonomous institutions payed tribute to "The Grandfather". He was the 122nd President of the Generalitat of Catalonia. As the present President he was in exile in Brussels being prosecuted by a Spanish authoritarian government. Ministers Josep Rull and Jordi Turull visited Macia's tomb and read a message of the present Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont. Catalonia's Parliament President, Carme Forcadell, payed tribute to the founder of the first pro independence party, Estat Català (Catalan State), too.

"We live a state of persecution to legitimate, democratic and non-violent ideas. "We are the continuators of a long chain of efforts and sacrifices", as Macià did in defense of the Catalan institutions, and recalled that his predecessor always asked Catalans to become worthy of Catalonia", said Puigdemont.

Macià died just 84 years ago after a life of "courage, honesty, firmness and fidelity in Catalonia" that has earned since then the most beloved memory, he said, because it allowed the modernization of the Generalitat, created the year 1359.

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Pro independence parties win in expat vote too and C'anos lose a MP to PP

Together for Catalonia (JxCat) is the clear winner and Catalonia's Republican Left (ERC) the second one. Abroad Vote finished:
JuntsxCat : 7,227 votes (26,7%), pro independence
ERC: 5,860 (21,66%), pro independence
C’anos : 5,738 (21,21%), Spanish nationalist
PSOE: 2,875, (10,63%), pro Spanish
CatCom: 2,864, (8,37%), pro Spanish
CUP: 1,560 (5,77%), pro independence
PP: 1,211 (4,48%), Spanish nationalist

With these results Pro Spanish party C’anos, lead by a Franco’s police daughter and niece of a Franco’s governor, loses a MP. This is going to PP (Spanish ruling party). The difference between C’anos and JxCat reduced fromt 2 to one MP. If pro independence parties had a joint list the difference between the first force (in 2015 called Together for Yes) and the pro Spanish C'anos would be 66 to 36 in favour of Catalan pro independence forces.

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84 years ago today died the President Francesc Macià who was exiled in Brussels

Francesc Macià i Llussà was the first President of the Generalitat de Catalunya and held office from 1932 until his death in 1933. Over 1,000,000 attended to the Macià's funeral and flowers filed 120 automobiles at burieal of President of the Catalan Government as the New York Times explained.

Born in September 1859, Macià grew up in Vilanova i la Geltrú (a medium sized town approximately 50 kilometres south of Barcelona). After a spell in the Spanish army, he fought for Catalan independence and formed the political party Estat Català which later merged with other pro-independence groups to form Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (Republican Left Wing of Catalonia).

Portrait of Francesc Macia

About the Artist

In 1931 the ERC won local elections and proclaimed the Catalan Republic. Three days later the Catalan Republic was restructured as the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of the autonomous Catalonia) with Francesc Macia as president and the statute was drawn up.

Monument to Francesc Macià

This unusual monument is the work of Josep Maria Soberachs and was inaugerated in 1991. The mostly abstract statue consists of a bronze bust of Macià in front of an inverted concrete staircase. The unfinished staircase symbolises the ongoing history of Catalonia which is being constructed day-by-day.

Josep Maria Soberachs was born in Barcelona in 1927. He was a multidisciplinary artist, painter, sculptor, illustrator and art critic whose best known works include the Passion Façade of the Sagrada Familia Basilica.

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola among those cited in ‘rebellion’ report by Spanish police

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has been cited in a report accusing various Catalan groups of rebellion.
As reported in the Catalan media, a document by the oldest law enforcement agency in Spain listed the former Barcelona head coach among a group of names under investigation for their actions during a year of political upheaval in Catalonia.
Guardiola has been an outspoken advocate of Catalan independence and attended a number of related events – he has also been seen adorning a yellow ribbon, a symbol that has become synonymous with the independence movement, while coaching his current team from the sidelines.

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Spanish Inquisition: Catalan activist fined by a massive booing to the Spanish king

Catalan activist Santiago Espot  has benn condemned with a fine of € 7,200. Dozens of thousands of Basque and Catalan people whistled the Bourbon Spanish king in a match on 2014. As Spain could not charge thousands of people for their right of free expression began a process against Espot for promoting the whistling as he could organize it alone. The Spanish judge jocked about the right of the Catalan activist to declare in his language as well as his way to speak.

Freedom of expression ? Spanish Inquisition.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Catalonia Defeats the Putsch with more independentist vote now than ever

It's done.Pro-independence parties humiliated Mariano Rajoy, Spanish PM. Despite a repressive scenario of the army in the streets, massive beating of peaceful people, the leaders of Catalan parties in jail or exile, economic menaces, lack of money for the campaign, and the Electoral Board absolutely biased. Pro independence votes (abroad vote, usually pro independence is not counted yet) are higher than ever in Catalan history: 2,063,361. Together fos Catalonia sums 940,000 and Catalonia's Republican Left 929,000. The Popular Unity Candidature is down with 193,000. Last elections, in 2015, pro independence vote was of 1,966,508 so the grow is clear.

Pro Spanish parties are defeated with 1,890,000 votes. In special the ruling party in Spain, PP, with is down from 11 MPs to 3 and less than 4,3 %. Non aligned "Commons" have 330,000 votes, down 43,000. So the result is clear and the Government must return at work with no more interferences of the Spanish PP party.

Moreover the turnout has been extremaly abnormal higher than ever: 81,9 %. Ususally less than 70 % vote in elections in Spain. Last State elections, which elected Rajoy, the turnout was 66,5 % in Spain and 63,4 % in Catalonia. Pro independence parties have all the legitmity. Can Spanish parties ruling in Madrid say the same ?

 Number of municipalities where each party was the most-voted :
☞JxCAT (pro-indy): 661
☞ERC (pro-indy): 141
☞Cs (pro Spain): 136
☞PSOE (pro Spain): 2

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Catalan Political Prisoners and Candidates Punished by the Spanish Government

One of Catalan political prisoners (a candidate at upcoming election) records a 30 second audio and is punished with relocation to a new module, where he'll have to start all over after 60 days in jail waiting for trial. Jordi Sanchez, Together for Catalonia candidate, could not contact with external people except his lawyers. Sanchez 'can't speak even with his family because he has given support to Puigdemont'. Sanchez is the number 2 of the list so this decision clearly adulterated the campaign.

Moreover according to Spanish Government, there aren't any political prisoners. But Spain's Interior minister has just opened a file against Catalonia Republican Left candidate Oriol Junqueras and Sanchez for "recording electoral messages from prison".
Spain reaching new lows on Freedom of Speech and manipulation of elections.

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A hundred MEPs demand Catalan Political Prisoners to be released and Spain to Dialogue

102 European Parliamentarians from all over Europe gathered in joint declaration for democracy in Catalonia. They call for ministers and civil society leaders to be released and for the Spanish Government to enter into dialogue.

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Spain does not allow to MEPs to visit Catalan political prisoners

Members of four different European Parliament parties gathered at entrance of Estremera prison where some Catalan political prisoners are jailed to denounce that they were not allowed to visit them. French MEP Jose Bove dennounced that in Spain does not exist separation of powers.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Carles Puigdemont rises in polls

Less than two months ago ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont was fleeing to Belgium after failing catastrophically to turn the Spanish region into an independent state. A hostile Spanish press ridiculed him for abandoning the independence cause; erstwhile separatist allies criticised him for leaving them to face Spanish justice without him. His political future looked bleak, but on Monday the 54-year-old former journalist seemed a long way from beaten as he entered the final stretch of campaigning for Thursday’s Catalan elections with his party, Junts per Catalunya, rapidly climbing in the polls. It could again become the largest pro-independence party in Catalonia — and perhaps even the largest in the region. In such a tight race Junts per Catalunya (“Together for Catalonia”) has at least a chance — even if an outside one — of being able to lead a new Catalan government. An analysis of polls by El País on Friday showed the party winning 28-29 seats, compared with 30 for the ERC, a rival pro-independence party. The largest anti-independence party, Ciudadanos, would get 32, according to the same poll. The chance that Mr Puigdemont’s party might regain significant influence over Catalan politics is a worry for Madrid, because it could rekindle the tension that dogged the region this year, culminating in October’s illegal secession referendum and subsequent declaration of independence.

As polling day draws near, Mr Puigdemont has been ramping up the rhetoric. Speaking on RAC1 radio from Belgium on Monday, he lambasted a Spanish reign of “repression and fear” against the Catalan people, in the fiery language that has helped him sweep up a huge number of pro-independence votes. He spoke of an “illegal and illegitimate coup” against Catalonia after the Spanish government in October dissolved his previous separatist government in response to an illegal declaration of independence. He is urging voters to return the previous government — meaning him — to power to give a black eye to Madrid. “I think we should tell [Spanish prime minister Mariano] Rajoy that his actions do not have democratic legitimacy . . . that we will be the ones to decide when the time has come to pick the 131st president of Catalonia,” he says. Mr Puigdemont seemed to have done all he could in October, when the Spanish state easily took direct control of the region in its response to the Catalan government’s independence bid. He fled to Belgium along with several members of his former government to avoid charges of sedition, rebellion and misuse of public funds. Polls had suggested that Junts per Catalunya would be decimated in a fresh election, taking less than 20 seats in the 135-seat regional chamber. But Mr Puigdemont has been able to turn the tables, gaining on the ERC, partly by surprisingly reaping the benefits of his Belgian exile. He has been able to present himself as the rightful president of the region, condemned to flee, and has been able to campaign via video, calling on voters at the weekend to give a clear message at the polls in favour of “persisting” with the independence movement and rejecting Spanish rule.

Source: FT

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Spanish VP recognize that they command "judges"

Spanish vice-president Soraya Saenz said yesterday that the Popular Party (ruling in Spain and founded by a Franco's Minister) have "beheaded" independence parties in Catalonia. "ERC, Together for Catalonia, and the rest of the pro-independence movement do not have leaders, because they have been made headless. This is thanks to Mariano Rajoy and the PP".

 This is the formal recognition that her party commands the courts in Spain. Catalan politicians have been sent to jail, inhabilited or prosecuted by judges, formally not by the government. Yesterday Jordi Sanchez, one of the Catalan political prisoners, was punished in his gaol for sending an audio message. Sanchez is the number 2 of the list "Together for Catalonia", lead by Catalan President Carles Puigdemont. His message, of 4 minutes, has been his only participation in the campaign. 

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