Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spanish response: wave of unionist terrorist attacks

The success of the pro-independence rally on September 11th in Barcelona has sparked off a violent reaction from the different social strata of the Kingdom of Spain. Military equipment bought by the government or the call, made by the media, for a military intervention, are just a couple of examples. Unionist parties have launched verbal attacks but furthermore some of its bases have turned the words into actions. 

Graffitis in Tarragona in Catalan houses and against Martí Gasull

Attack in Sant Just Desvern

Flag burnt in Tarragona by Spanish terrorists

Spanish violent attacks to Catalonia started the day after the rally. For example, the independence monument of Saint Eulàlia de Riuprimer was assaulted with paintings of Celtic crosses (fascist symbol), several buildings with independence flags (“estelades”) have been attacked with swastikas as well as Spanish slogans, as it happened at the location of Sant Vicenç de Castellet as well as in Tordera in October 7th. Moreover, the headquarters of parties have also been assaulted by Spanish terrorists: ERC in Sant Just Desvern at night on September 18th. This is not the first time that unionists opt to violence against democratic parties. In June, the headquarters of CUP in Vic were attacked for the umpteenth time. None of the unionist parties have condemned this wave of violent attacks. In September 24th the independence flag fluttering in the Town Hall of Vic was burnt out by unionists. In October 9th the home of a pro-independence local councillor in Cunit was painted with Swastikas too.

Attack in Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer with Fascist Celtic crosses

A house attacked by unionists with swastikas in Sant Vicenç de Castellet

A house of a pro-independece local councillor attacked by unionists with swastikas in Cunit

Among the more reprehensible facts we have to point out the attacks in Tarragona. It was September 19th when the chain of actions to terrorize civil population started: a huge Catalan flag adorning the Roman walls on the occasion of the Festivals was burnt by Spaniards. You could also found fascists style crosses in buildings adorned that had been adorned with independent flags, as Nazis used to do with Jewish houses. Particularly deplorable were all the paintings making fun of Martí Gasull. This defender of the Catalan language died in a mountain accident in September 23rd in the Hymalaia together with Nepalese, Italian and German mountaineers. The Spanish answer were paintings mocking at Gasull by using the slogan “Long life Spain”.

All these facts contrast with 1,500,000 people marching peacefully for the Independence without any incident.

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