European Parliament vice-president proposes sending in military to prevent democratic referendum in Catalonia

European Parliament vice-president, Spanish nationalist Alejo Vidal Quadras, asked the Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, that he choose any brigadier general, “preferably from the guardia civil,” to put a stop to Catalonia's independence process. “Besides fighting the resolution in the courts, we must take over the autonomous region. The Spanish government needs to get in contact with Mas and tell him that what he's doing is against the law, and if he does not change his mind we'll be forced to step in,” he said.

He also offered some details about how this would work. “The Spanish senate meets, has a vote, then takes over the autonomous region. We disband their parliament, the Catalan government goes back home, and the Spanish government delegation in Catalonia takes over Catalonia. The brigadier general is to be in charge of the Catalan police.”
These statements came after the Spanish government vice-president urged to “stop by any means necessary” the democratic process in Catalonia and the plan to hold a referendum approved by a majority in the Catalan chamber. 

The European Parliament vice-president described Catalonia as a “rebellious autonomy.” When they asked him whether they should try to talk to the Catalans in order to come to an agreement, he gave a definite ‘no’ for an answer. “The time has come for the Spanish state to use one of its tools, namely the commesurate and legitimate use of force.”

Right after these statements, Catalan members of the European Parliament Raül Romeva, Ramon Tremosa, and Oriol Junqueras announced that they will condemn his actions in front of the European Commission, and that they will send a letter to the European chamber president, Mr. Martin Schulz, asking for an answer to Vidal Quadras' threats.

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  • Unknown says:
    28 de setembre de 2012, a les 6:45

    Surprising considering Quadras is Catalan. Comes to show not every one of them desires independence but to threaten your own people with military intervention is disturbing.

  • Lluís says:
    28 de setembre de 2012, a les 8:40

    Catalans are peaceful people, far from the spirit of the undivided, is far from democratic, want Europe to hear our voice, this is just what we want.

  • Cel says:
    28 de setembre de 2012, a les 15:00

    Somebody should inform Mr. Vidal-Quadras that dictatorship in Spain finished with the death of General Franco in 1975.
    Besides, and most important, the principle of self-determination is prominently embodied in Article I of the Charter of the United Nations which Mr. Vidal-Quadras should know by now.
    Actually, catalans do not want to become the next state in Europe. We just want to recover the state which was conquered almost 300 years ago by the Spanish Army. We are a land of 1000 years history.
    Catalan people have risen and risen again, till finally lambs have become lions.
    Future is ours, and thank God, not as a Spaniards.

  • Amway Riudellots says:
    28 de setembre de 2012, a les 16:18

    Creo que al señor Alejo Vidal-quadras se le deberia de relevar del puesto que tiene por las declaraciones hechas,dado que promulga el uso de la violencia ante el ejercicio de un derecho internacional como es el de la autodeterminación.
    Si no lo hacen querrá decir que Europa no es tan democratica como nos quieren hacer creer.

  • Unknown says:
    28 de setembre de 2012, a les 17:11

    General amin was Ugandian as well.
    General armada was Argentinian as well...... and many other....
    Of course not everybody wants Indp.. but consider catalan being about Quadras as surprising ?

  • Bernat Bosch i Folch says:
    28 de setembre de 2012, a les 21:52

    This man is no catalan AT ALL. Would you call english to someone who wishes the english people suffer a military invasion?

    This man is a cinical typical dictatorship-minded spanish politician.

    In other words: BULL SHIT.


  • Jordi Ribas says:
    28 de setembre de 2012, a les 23:06

    vidal-quadras is like a jew who help the nazis

  • Unknown says:
    29 de setembre de 2012, a les 2:44

    It's not surprising. Hitler was Jewish. More or less the same.

  • Phil says:
    29 de setembre de 2012, a les 11:14

    With Catalans, in thoughts, from Montréal, Québec, Canada. Emancipation and freedom are worth fighting for.

  • Unknown says:
    29 de setembre de 2012, a les 16:29

    With all due respect Unknown, I've been to Barcelona 7 times, loved it and its people every time and can say that Catalunya is not, in my opinion anyway, as uncivilised as poor countries such as Argentina and Uganda are. As a result, sadly, yes it does surprise me that a Catalan (I do not assume all of you are saints or madmen) would threaten his own people with military intervention. I strongly believe Catalunya doesn't share the same political oppression as Spain does, but Quadras is giving Catalunya a very bad impression to the international community. But given the circumstances, I shouldn't be surprised if he's a member of the PP.

    Benart, I understand what you're trying to say but yes, I would have no choice but to consider an Englishman still English if he holds an English passport and has lived there all his life. What I wouldn't consider him is patriotic or human.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Mathieu Bouchard says:
    29 de setembre de 2012, a les 16:51

    If you look at what happened in Québec in the last 45 years, it's not very surprising. Many of the most rabid anti-independentists in Canada are french Québécois : Pierre E Trudeau, Jean Chrétien, Stéphane Dion, Jean Charest, and so on.

    During the October crisis in 1970 (when terrorists kidnapped the Vice-Premier-Ministre du Québec), Trudeau used the Law of War Measures (suspending civil liberties) while in peace time, and sent the army in the streets of
    Montréal. In the process, over 500 people were detained without mandate, and the majority of them were not even suspected of collaborating with terrorists. The federalists had just used the occasion to scare the
    independentist activists and sympathisers, and to collect info on the whole independentist movement.

  • Enric Molina says:
    1 d’octubre de 2012, a les 5:13

    Of course there are people in Catalonia that disagree with the independence. As anywhere else, Catalans are plural. It's a question of democracy: majority decides and the rights of minorities must be respected. What independentists want is the right to decide, all of us, democratically. Vidal-Quadras calls for the army to prevent this from happen. Now the question is: is him the right person to hold the Vice-Presidence if the EU?

  • Unknown says:
    6 d’octubre de 2012, a les 13:03

    Simple look at this

  • Adam Shreve says:
    8 de gener de 2013, a les 16:57

    Good post. But have you been to buenos aires? Its as European as you'll find outside Europe and can't be compared to Ghana. More likely can be compared to Franco era but worse. Though, your points are valid. I tend to be defensive re: arg. ;)

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