Make your pledge to Catalans injured, jailed or detained

The Spanish repression is trying to crush the Democratic Catalan movement. Violence has been the answer of the Spanish state. All those victims of the Spanish brutality need some help. For instance those who are in jail:

- Nine members of the Catalan government, the Speaker of the Parliament as well as two peaceful grassroot activists
- Seven peaceful activists some of them of the local Committess in Defence of the Republic
- Twenty eight civilians hijacked in the protests against the Spanish Inquisition court ruling against the Catalan government and social activists who the 2017 Democratic Referendum

It means 44 Political Prisoners. Some other 4 members of the Catalan Government are Exiled as well as politicians Marta Rovira and Anna Gabriel in Switzerland. In Belgium a rapper, Valtonyc, and a social activist, Adrià Carrasco are exiled too after being harrassed by the Inquisition. So there're 8 exiled people.

Hundreds are prosecuted too, condemned to fines for charges as tweets, banners, meetings or political activities or statements. All of them need help too.

1) Associació Catalana Recer 
IBAN: FR76 1710 6000 2930 0078 5693 479 BIC: AGRIFRPP871

2) Catalan Exile Defence

3) Health Staff for the Republic, association to attend those injured by the Spanish Police brutality
ES85 3025 0005 8014 3330 9631

Help Catalonia: We don't accept money. Please give it to the other associations which are a priority.

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