Spanish Fascists lead Eurocup celebrations with racist symbols

Amidst great indifference, many Spanish unionists celebrated Spain's success in the soccer Eurocup 2012 in Barcelona. Catalonia and the Basque country shared TV indifference to the match in which many Catalan players won the Cup for Spain. They had no option: Spain and Italy are the only European States which force players to play in their national teams. If they do not, they lose the right to play in any other team. As a survey on Catalan TV showed, 60 % of Catalan people would have liked Spain to lose and another 15 % was indifferent.

While Spanish cities saw celebrations with dozens of thousands of people, in Barcelona only 5,000 people joined the celebrations amidst great indifference. But this was not the news. The news was the overall Fascist tone of the celebrations. As many journalists reported, many of the flags where not the Spanish State flag but the Francoist one (you can recognize them in the photos from the eagle). Moreover there were flags with the swastika as well as the Celtic cross. Members of Spanish Fascists parties such as PxC and MSR were seen at the demonstration. In fact some South American people who joined the celebrations were ousted and some of them were badly beaten. There were racist and supremacist chants. In some places, such as Reus, Catalan flags were burned and several Catalan symbols on monuments or motorbikes were also damaged. In Badalona, a PP leader said on Twitter that Barcelona should be burnt to celebrate the Cup. A civic association in Badalona, the Human Towers, was also attacked by the Spanish unionist crowd.  In Italy, a Spanish supporter was detained for exhibiting Fascist propaganda but none in the Spanish Kingdom where the prior, Francoist Spanish flag is, in fact, a Fascist symbol.
Photos: Thanks to Nació Digital and Jordi Borràs

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  • Unknown says:
    17 d’agost de 2012, a les 4:59

    Last night, I was having an argument with my relative over Catalunya and Catalans in general. I have always supported Catalunya, my relative considers them as Spaniards all the same. He insisted that Catalans (and me) were hypocrites because we still supported Spain in the Euros. It didn't occur to him though that we watched Catalans celebrating in Barcelona via Madrid TV. I doubt the media there would have liked to say that supporters were at a minority. And second, we should support our players to the very end. I personally refuse one minute to hail Iniesta for his awesomeness in Barca (I love love LOVE FCB!) and then wish he'd die when he scored the final goal in the World Cup. I will folow my Barca players to the grave unless they did a Figo on the club. I also don't own a Spanish shirt but the Catalan instead ;). From Gibraltar, Visca Catalunya per sempre!

  • Unknown says:
    19 d’agost de 2012, a les 6:22

    Thanks for sharing! Let's hope some day we can all cheer for Barça players playing for the Catalan team! :)

  • Unknown says:
    24 d’agost de 2013, a les 10:11

    I have just come back from Catalunya with a strange sense that these people can be just as racist towards outsiders of all kinds.

    In many cases Catalun pride has taken an unfounded sense of superiority regarding other Europeans, which leads to visitors often being treated with contempt.

  • Unknown says:
    9 d’octubre de 2013, a les 2:51

    are not racism in Cataonia!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

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