Spanish Unionists Deface Pro-Independence Monument with Swastikas

In 2009, the village of Arenys de Munt erected a monument in remembrance of the beginning of the democratic process towards independence. It was in this village that a popular referendum was organized asking the people whether they would like to see an independent Catalonia. What is more democratic than a referendum? The results were clear: 96% in favor of independence.
This local referendum led to a grass-roots movement which ended up organizing hundreds of similar referendums across Catalonia in the following months. The result was high voter turnout and a clear support for independence. Catalonia’s president himself voted in the referendum. He voted in favor of independence. Barcelona’s current mayor did so as well.
Last year, Arenys erected the monument and commemorated the beginning of this process with a big gathering. The second meeting is to be held this coming weekend.
The night before the Catalan national day, on September 10th, a Spanish unionist gang attacked the monument. Spanish unionists have always been linked to Fascist and Nazi groups. In the past, many Spanish unionists fought on the Russian front with the Nazi troops in the so-called Blue Division. Spanish unionists do not embrace democracy. Moreover, if they see democracy in connection to Catalonia, they think it means self-determination, and they hate it when Catalans are free to choose their own destiny. True to this logic, they painted swastikas on the monument, messages in favour of a unified Spain, and messages against independence. As usual here, those against independence use Nazi symbology.
Jordi Vàzquez

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  • Anònim says:
    12 de setembre de 2011, a les 7:47

    The swastika is an equilateral cross with arms bent at right angles, all in the same direction, usually the right, or clockwise. The swastika is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune and is widely dispersed in both the ancient and modern world.
    This is not a swastik but a nazi swastik as it is not flat but tilted. Although not directly related to your article but being an Indian who loves catalunya...I thought it's wise to bring it into your notice

  • Anònim says:
    12 de setembre de 2011, a les 15:57


  • Unknown says:
    13 de setembre de 2011, a les 3:11

    I don't know who you are but... gràcies! Catalunya t'ho agraeix.

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