dimecres, 29 de juny de 2011

Spain squanders money in a pharaonic but useless railway

The pharaonic railway of High-Speed Train between Albacete and Cuenca has costed an enormous effort and has lasted 6 months in operation. The railway has just nine daily travelers, compared to the first estimations of 2.190 people each day.

In fact, neither of those zones, as many other in Castilla, don't have a population size that justifies a railway of such characteristics. The travel of every person costs 1,100,00 € but the ticket is only 42,50 €. The works, that started in 2001, costed as much as 3.500 million €. All this money has been literally sent nowhere.

The Spanish company recognized that “it is a disaster”, but nobody has resigned, as usual in Spain.

At the same time, Catalonia, which would be one of the richest countries in the world if it were independent [1][2] is suffering the economic despoiling of 10%+ of its annual GDP and being forced to implement "budget cuts of unprecedented proportions"a total of 10% less.

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