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Spanish Nationalism (2)

For the complete context of this entry please read Spanish Nationalism (1).

In 1816, after the Spanish War of Independence against Napoleon –known as the War of the Frenchman for the Catalans–, The Spanish Congress refuses, by 120 against 13, the proposition to allow the Catalan language to be spoken in Catalonia. “Unacceptable”, they argued.

In 1821, 1925, 1937, 1938, etc, lots of successive laws and royal edicts forbidding Catalan in schools and establishing despicable punishments for students who dare say a “single word that is not in Spanish”. In 1896 they even forbid speaking Catalan over the phone and using it in telegrams.

In 1902, the Military Command forbids the celebration of the “Jocs Florals” (literary contests in Catalan language) in Barcelona and the Balearic Islands.
We must spanishiate Catalonia… Make them think in Spanish, speak Spanish, behave as Spanish, whether they want or by force. […] From rough, unruly, coarse and rude –that’s how a Catalan usually is–, they will become kind […] and well-mannered. […] We will maintain the State of War.
–A Spanish military magazine, 1906
The Catalan problem won’t be solved by freedom, but by restriction; not by palliatives and deals, but by iron and fire.
–A Spanish military magazine, 1906

The Military Courts will from now on judge all crimes against the security and unity of Spain and anything that could tend to bend it, underestimate its strength or its concept, either spoke or written, either by printing or any other […] means, events or manifestations.
–Royal decree, 1923

In 1925, Barça (Football Club Barcelona) is ordered to stop any activities after a match in which their supporters hooted at the Spanish hymn.
Forcing Catalans to speak Spanish is making them a paternal favor, just like forcing a short-sighted child to wear glasses.
–Article in a Spanish newspaper, 1927
Rather Civil War than the [Catalan] Statute [of Autonomy].
–Headline in a Spanish newspaper, 1932, 4 years before the Spanish Civil War

In 1934 the recetly elected President of the Generalitat of Catalonia (the traditional institution of Catalan government, recently reestablished during a previous, failed declaration of independence) proclaims the Catalan Republic. The Spanish army forces him to capitulate, suspends the autonomy indefinitely and imprisons the Catalan government and thousands of people from Catalan political parties, syndicates and social and cultural organizations.
Is a law of Spanish history the need of bombing Barcelona every 50 years. […] If this people is going to dismember Spain, I prefer Franco [the fascist dictatorship].
–President of the Spanish Republic, during the Spanish Civil War
I’m not fighting Franco to keep having in Barcelona a stupid and provincial separatism […] There is but one nation: Spain! […] I’d yield to Franco […] rather than consent nationalist campaigns leading to inadmissible dismemberments.
–Spanish Prime Minister, during the Spanish Civil War

In 1936 any publication in Catalan is forbidden. Catalan is forbidden at school, phone, radio, names of streets and towns…

In 1937 there are massive detentions in the street for speaking Catalan.
We’d prefer to crush this lands rather than seeing them again acting against the sacred destiny of Spain.
–Declaration of the political party of the regime.
Catalan, Jew and renegade, you’ll pay for the damage you’ve caused. Go, army, to conquer, it’s the dawn of Spain.
–Lyrics of a song sang during the military campaigns in the Spanish Civil War

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  • La srta Pepis says:
    3 de juny de 2011 a les 3:49

    Good job!!!

  • Alyebard says:
    16 de juny de 2011 a les 4:46

    I beleve that the war in Spain against Napoleon is know in english as Peninsula War. Good job indeed

  • Anònim says:
    30 de novembre de 2011 a les 9:22

    Wasn't Franco from Galicia or something, not from Madrid???
    I agree that Franco was a terrible person, and the means used to keep Catalunya part of Spain were horrible, but I nonetheless would prefer to see a unified Spain.
    Spain united could be beautiful, a world power and leader, strong, just, democratic.
    However, one can only be as strong as your weakest link and Catalunya and the Basques, with there hate and seperatism are keeping Spain weak.
    So if Catalans really want to leave the union, then I suppose you have my support. Leave, create your own state. Good bye and the best of luck to you, don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.

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