dilluns, 18 de juliol de 2011

35.000 people demonstrate for independence convoked only by social networks

First it was a joke. If last year about a million Catalan people demonstrated to defend self-government...why not to demonstrate this year for independence?. Social networks were the only way to convoke people because autonomist parties were against a new demonstration. So the people convoked the people, without parties. First by facebook, then by e-mail and twitter and finally some parties (none of the biggest) gave support to the demonstration.

It was convoked on July 9th in Barcelona. About a thousand people were expected. Mass media ignored the march and some independentists too were against the march but 35.000 people marched by the Barcelona’s streets. The slogan was clear: “For our future: independence”. The organizers were anonymous citizens worried by the Catalan’s decadence in the Spanish State. Actor Quim Masferrer and veteran freedom fighters as Dr.Moisès Broggi and Dr. Oriol Domenech closed the march with vibrant speaking. With them there was Heribert Barrera, former Catalan Parliament President. Barrera said two things: all Catalan pro-independence parties should be united and secondly there should be a Catalan boycott to Spanish institutions.

The reasons behind it are many: Spain is against Catalan language to become an official one in the EU, Spain is a hungry thief who stoles 22.000 M € every year and spent it in megalomaniac projects: a train for only twelve people, the Madrid’s Olympic Games candidature, the fact that some Spanish regions have 25 % of people working as public employers (in Catalonia it is a 10 %) or the continued prosecution of the Catalan language and absurd spending in Spanish nationalistic projects. Only an example: last year Spanish football team was the most well payed in the World Cup. Nowadays Catalan hospitals are closing to pay things like this. And Catalan people is tired. Something is changing.
Pictures: Help Catalonia, Nació Digital. You can find more pictures here and here.
Jordi Vàzquez

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