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Spanish Fascist Dictator is still València’s Honorific Mayor

Rità Barberà, the current mayor of València, with President Camps who is involved in a corruption case and will be judged soon

Francisco Franco was the Spanish nationalist dictator from 1939 until his death in 1975. As we have said before, Spain is still a heaven for fascists. For instance, Franco is still the Honorific Mayor of the city of València, an honor that he shares, on the other hand, with another fascist from Spain, Rincón of Arellano. Both of them are well known by their hatered against the Catalans. The Valencian consistory distinguished him with this title the year 1939. Nowadays the City Council, which is governed by the Partido Popular, continues to honor Franco’s memory. Curiously, the same party has forbidden Catalan TV, closing TV signal boosters; it has forbidden cultural demonstrations, like last April's concert by singer Lluís Llach against the same closing of TV antennas; and is prosecuting schools for using Catalan instead of Spanish.

The mayor of Valencia, Rita Barberá, does not seem very willing to withdraw Franco's honorific title. In fact the PP already has denied to approve similar resolutions to Xàtiva, Alacant and Castelló, three towns where they have refused to withdraw the similar distinctions.

Jordi Vàzquez

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