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From municipal politics to sovereignty

Citizens' Voice Series

Alfons Molons
Deputy Mayor at City of Arenys de Munt
Catalonia is a complex and increasingly tense intersection. This week we have seen, especially on Friday, a new aggression towards self-government and on our identity as a people in one of its pillars: our language.
It is yet another step that takes us away from this state, Spain, who does not want us but does not allow us to leave.

The way out started in 2009 in Arenys de Munt, a small town in the area of Barcelona and the Maresme region. On September 13, 2009 Arenys de Munt held the first consultation on the independence of Catalonia. The joint work of many volunteers who put aside personal and party interests to work towards a common goal was the key to success.

But after this and following consultations held ​​after the cut (or some times the even worse reinterpretation) of the 2006 Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, other rulings from Spanish Judicial power are attacking the Catalan educational system and other cultural and national interests of the Catalans. What can we do now?

Restoring the spirit of the consultations, working together from our cities and towns, and grouping diverse people around a soveraigntist or independentist project, whatever you call it. There is only one path to walk step by step. We can make it more or less quickly, but we must surely be aware that there are no shortcuts. We must hurry because we have been waiting since long ago, we want to get there and every time it is more difficult to resist and repel the attacks and, of course, the economic plundering, which continues to be very important.

At Arenys de Munt we have the independentist Athenaeum with which we want to keep alive the spirit of 13-09-2009 (the date of the first consultation on independence) and now the city council will adhere to the Association of Municipalities for Independence.
Again, from the municipal environment. Where politics are closer to the people, we must continue to drive this way which can not be reversed.

Catalonia wants to be sovereign, Catalans want to be Catalans with all its implications. We don't want to isolate ourselves, we want to be part of Europe and want to be a state; a state that can be a leader in many issues. Catalonia, despite obstacles, has always been a leader and will remain so if we release some bindings that now suffocate us.

September 11 is approaching and once again will must claim for our freedoms, until achieve them.

Alfons Molons i Antius
Deputy Mayor of the City of Arenys de Munt.

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