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In Defense of the Current Educational Model in Catalonia

The Institute of Catalan Studies defends the current educational model in Catalonia
This system is an essential, equal opportunity tool for social, linguistic, and cultural integration

The Institute of Catalan Studies, in response to the Spanish Supreme Court ruling that forces the Government of Catalonia to modify the current educational system, wishes to state unequivocally that:

  • This system was democratically established by the vast majority of the Catalan Parliament.
  • This system is, as has been recognized by the international educational community and by the Catalan people, a model that guarantees full competence in both official languages, resulting in a competence level in Spanish equal to that of monolingual Spanish speakers.
  • This model has been proven to be of fundamental importance for social cohesion, linguistic and intercultural coexistence. It is also an essential equal opportunity tool, indispensable in our society for decades.
  • The Institute of Catalan Studies strongly expresses its support for maintaining and improving the current educational model of Catalonia. The Institue is confident that the courts will not give in to outlandish claims aimed at provoking a conflict of possibly disastrous consequences, not only for students and the society in general, but for the Catalan language in particular.

Barcelona, September 5th, 2011

Learning in Catalan: An Inalienable Social and Educational Objective
Pedagogical Foundations

Martí Teixidó, president of the Catalan Society for Education, an affiliate of the Institute of Catalan Studies, is pleased to invite you to the opening session for 2011-2012.

The event will be led by Salvador Giner, president of the Institute of Catalan Studies

– Joaquin Arenas, former director of the Teaching Service of Catalan.
– Diego Gomez, former president of Valencian School.
– Ramon Bassa, former director of the Language Service of the University of the Balearic Islands.
– Isidor Marí, president of the  Philological Section of the Institute of Catalan Studies. .
 Joan Mallart, professor of education at the University of Barcelona.

This event will be held on Wednesday 5 October at 7 PMin the Institute's Prat de la Riba room (Carrer del Carme, 47, Barcelona).

(RSVP by  email at scp@iec.cat. or by phone 935 529 103.)
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