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Spanish unionists desecrate Catalan president memorial

Photo: ACN
Three Spanish Fascists have been detained on October 12th to desecrate the 123rd Catalan President Lluís Companys memorial. Companys was executed by the Spanish Fascist regime on October, 15th 1939. He was shooted while crying “Per Catalunya” (For Catalonia). The unionists could not wait until October 15th and they acted on October 12th which is the Spanish Day. In fact it is usually called “Day of the Race” because many Spanish unionists think they are a superior race. It was taught at the Spanish schools from many decades. Spanish terrorists have been detained They were taken by local police when there were traveling with the Companys bust in his car. The desecrate of monuments is a method copied from Northern Ireland unionists. Spanish terrorists have used it many times before. Companys memorials have been attacked several times were he was executed (Montjuic castle, in Barcelona) and Blanes. Usually criminals are not detained but this time they have been wrong. Anyway it is feared that Spanish prosecutor will not demand any charges for them. And, once again, Spanish terrorists will be released.

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  • Ronald Rens, Belgium says:
    26 d’octubre de 2011 a les 7:50

    I was made aware of this article through a very nice Catalonian couple we met in the Auvergne (France). It is indeed remarkable, no : scandalous, that international media apparently tend to "forget" these kinds of misdeeds. As inhabitants of the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium, we know what we are talking about : the 60 percent Flemings are firmly kept under the thumb of the French-speaking minority of 40 percent Walloons. Everything one reads in the international press is the Walloon view, while Flemings are depicted as a kind of low-life fascists. Just like Catalunians we generate the larger part of the national wealth while the French-speaking minority profits. Just like Catalunians our language is treated as inferior ( Walloons for the most part don't speak or write it and look down on it ). Personally, I think we have to go for a Europe of regions, rather than countries. Anyway, I have saved this website to my favourites taskbar, and will advise my friends to do the same. Ronald Rens, St. Job in 't Goor, Belgium ( ronald.rens@pandora.be )

  • Anònim says:
    28 d’octubre de 2011 a les 2:17

    Thanks a lot Ronald. We keep in touch!.

  • Bjorn Mansson says:
    31 d’octubre de 2011 a les 16:21

    Im from the south of Sweden, A region called Scania wich suffer some similar "harrasment" from national media etc. I'm also married to a Spanish girl from Castellon but with Catalan parents. So I can idetify and do sympathise with the catalan people. But calling some idiots "terrorists" is a bit strong. Specially keeping in mind the terrorism suffered in the basque country and also in Catalonia.

    Best regards

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