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Reactions in Support of DiemProu

These are some of the reactions to DiemProu, the 2012 Tax disobedience against the Spanish Government :

We at SiP wish to show our support and encouragement to Andreu and Maria in their brave decision to go against a government that's stealing from us and making us poorer. Their pioneering, rebellious action, ahead of the nation, should show Catalonia the way towards fiscal freedom”.
Joel Joan, Sobiraniai ProgrésPresident

“The Cercle Català de Negocis fully supports Diemprou in their brave initiative of tax disobedience, although we recognize the risks they are taking with their action. Our country's current situation, with a fiscal deficit of 9% of the GDP, which is equivalent to 40% of all taxes paid in Catalonia, justifies actions like theirs”.
Joan Canadell, CCN's Secretary General

“The fiscal treatment Catalans receive from Spain is abusive. We need to say enough. I'd like to extend my support to Andreu and Maria for their courage”.

The fiscal imbalance results in the highest tax rates across Europe for our companies and self-employed. On top of that, one out of five Catalans live below poverty levels. This fiscal raping has become social raping, for the taxes we pay don't translate into improved services or stronger Catalan companies. That's why CADCI supports business owners like Andreu and Maria, who make it clear that the only way out is to become an independent nation, and who consider the Catalan government as the only legitimate tax authority capable of guaranteeing the civil rights of the Catalans”.

Josep Maria Andreu i Torres, CADCI's President @CADCI

“Some of the actions taken by individuals and companies are the new way to show that the Catalan people have had enough of words and want some action. Action that might lead us to no-return independence”.

“Andreu and Maria show us with their example one of the few possible ways to fight against the premeditated, decades-long economic strangling of our country, which Ramon Trias Fargas had already denounced in 1984”.

MiquelStrubell, UOC's Humanities and Arts professor, and member of the board of Assemblea Nacional Catalana

“Workers who earn paychecks in Catalonia, about 80% of the total population, are the main victims of Spain's sustained raping against Catalonia. Spain is trying to break down our social cohesion in order to divide us. Tax disobedience against Spain is a socially and nationally responsible action"

Sergi Perelló, Intersindical-CSC's Secretary of Organization

“... given the impossibility of achieving a fiscal agreement, due to our own government's powerlessness; given the current situation of social, economic, legal, and cultural abandonment of our society ... tax disobedience—as already pointed out by Òmnium Cultural's president, Mrs. Muriel Casals—can offer a reailstic, positive solution to our internal problems. Surely it could implicitly lead to a scenario where Catalonia could decide its own future. That's why I support their action, and I congratulate and encourage them. Visca catalunya lliure!”.
CarlesMóra Tuxans, teacher, former mayor of Arenys de Munt (2007-2011)

”Today we saw a perfect example of how to defend Catalonia's interests: the determination shown by Andreu and Maria. They are opposing a great injustice that is not recognized by justice itself. They do so with great conviction and composed attitude, because they have overcome fear and confusion, the greatest weapons Spain uses against us”.
Jordi Miravet, President of Memorial 1714

“They represent the clearest, most practical example of the majority's wish in Catalonia: economic independence”.
Joan B. Vives Solervicens, Club FNEC's President

We Catalans are not defined by what anyone may have written about us, but by what we might be willing to become. This act of disobedience by Andreu and Maria demonstrates that we, unlike our current government, wish to become an independent nation”.
AnnaArqué speaker for Welcome Mr. President (WMP) Read Anna Arqué previous articles @anna_arque

“At first sight, Andreu and Maria are a regular couple, regular parents, regular small business owners, who live in a regular Catalan town. However, they really are an example for all of us: they are brave, they are willing to defend Catalonia to the last consequences. They have become personally involved with this country's destiny. They are willing to act alone, but they'd rather we joined, helped, supported them. Let's do it!”.
EnricI. Canela, Chair of Biochemistry and professor at UB, speaker for Deumil.cat

“Neither fiscal agreements nor economic treaties will deter Spain from draining Catalonia's resources. One solution would be that Catalonia as a whole stop paying taxes to Spain”.
Dr. Oriol Domènec i Llavallol, doctor

“In the current unfair situation, after years and years of struggle, the time has come when we Catalans have to say enough! That's why we at Ara o Mai also say enough! If the Catalan people don't act, Spain will keep stealing from us. We'll remain occupied by a foreign country”.

Carme Teixidó i Lores , speaker for Ara o Mai @araomai

“I support Andreu and Maria, and all other initiatives that might protect our beleaguered country's future”
Aureli Argemí, CIEMEN's Honorary President

When facing this unfair treatment, which Spain knows about, but is not willing to rectify, Catalan society is forced to take peaceful measures, like the one proposed here, in order to guarantee a prosperous future for us all, and not the prospect of a continued, endless impoverishment. Therefore, we at FNEC do not wish to remain as spectators. We wish to get involved, and ask that everybody get involved”.
Aitor Pérez Codorniu, president of FNEC (Federació Nacional Estudiants Catalunya)

“Thanks to you we begin our path towards economic freedom. We're very proud to be part of the unified associations that work towards the same objective: independence”.
Salva Puig i Paloma, speaker for DNI.cat

“At a time when our politicians are at a loss as to how to face our country's troubles, Andreu and Maria's brave actions encourage us all to defend our national interests more effectively. From Siurana comes the first step of a peaceful social revolution that will change our destiny. The Jump of the Moorish Queen will soon become the Jump of the Spanish Thief*”.
*Reference to a local legend in Siurana. 
Lluís Gibert, speaker for Irreductibles

“We at Sant Martí per la Independència (Poblenou, Clot, Verneda and Besòs) offer our support and encouragement to Andreu and Maria in their action, which has developed into the Diemprou movement, of which we declare ourselves fervent followers. We believe that tax disobedience is one of the ways to speak clearly against the unfair treatment of Catalonia by Spain, which has lasted long enough”.
Marina and Montserrat, Sant Martí per la Independència

“Let's hope our politicians support Andreu and Maria's brave decision to not pay taxes to Spain. Our very own government has recognized tax disobedience, and has denounced the situation. Institutional support to our own Catalan William Wallaces would undoubtedly be the beginning of the end ”. 

“I hope our politicians realize what's going on”.

Enric Vila, writer

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