dimarts, 17 de gener de 2012

The Telegraph: "Fraga, only member of the fascist government of dictator Franco still in active politics in the 21st century dies"

Despite most of the Spanish media trying to justify the Fascist past of Manuel Fraga, the international press does not forget it. For instance the British "The Telegraph" is very clear about it: "Manuel Fraga, who has died aged 89, was the only member of the fascist government of the dictator General Francisco Franco still in active politics in the 21st century."  Moreover: “As Franco’s minister of tourism and information in the 1960s, Fraga was responsible for legislation that “eliminated” censorship — though only for newspapers, and with important provisos even for them. Books, radio and television were subjected to even stricter and more arbitrary judgments and the government retained the power to suspend and fine editors, whose publications were required at all times to respect the principles of the Movimiento Nacional.” (...) “Though an authoritarian conservative — he approved the execution by firing squad of a communist militant in 1963 — Fraga was seen as one of the principal “aperturistas” of the 1960s, responsible for the gradual opening up of political and cultural life in Spain”.
In the Spanish press you can only find brief references about the Spanish fascist minister. Fraga signed death penalties and ordered to kill workers in some protests. But all of this is forgotten because he founded the party which is ruling the Spanish kingdom today.

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