dilluns, 13 de febrer de 2012

Comparing Catalan to Mandinga

The chairman of the Spanish Supreme Judicial Council, Carlos Dívar, compared Catalan to Mandinga. Catalan congressman Joan Tardà denounced on Twitter that Dívar, referring to linguistic rights in the Justice Committee Congress, said that he is “sensitive to languages. I once asked for an interpreter because of a person who spoke Mandinga.”

Mr. Tardà said "Incredible! The chairman of the Spanish Judiciary Council says, referring to the regression of the Catalan language, that he can read in Catalan."

Meanwhile, another member in Congress, Àlex Saez, also regretted the intervention by Dívar. “These are outrageous declarations coming from the chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, who compares Catalan to Mandinga when it comes to linguistic rights. An apology is in order,” he said on Twitter.

Catalan is spoken by more than 13,000,000 people, and Catalonia has a centuries-old culture and literature.

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