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Josep Carreras and Catalan National Teams

Catalan tenor Josep Carreras defended the need to have Catalan national teams in an article that appeared on the German weekly Die Zeit. The article belongs to the series I have a dream, in which various celebrities explain their dreams and desires for the future. Carreras says that “Catalonia deserves to have its own national team, as Wales or Scotland do. Unfortunately we are not recognized by FIFA, but everything on its own time.” The tenor also confessed that “Singing our national anthem at the start of the first official match, that would be a dream!”

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  • well19521991 says:
    4 de març de 2012 a les 9:30

    Would it be a dream to have your own national team like we Scots do? Would it be a dream for Barca to play week in week out against Puigcerda, Manresa, Nastic, Mataró as we Scots do?

    Barça were very quick to look down their noses at Rangers and Celtic´s style of football. Having 50 or 60,000 people going to see your team week in week out against the likes of Puigcerda, Manresa, Nastic, Mataró would be a dream always.

    Barça would die in an independant Catalonia. Be careful what you dream for.

  • Jared Baglietto says:
    26 de setembre de 2012 a les 5:04

    With all due respect well19521991, I don't see why Barca couldn't still play in La Liga if they desired it. Don't Welsh club teams play in the English Premiership even though they have their own national team and identity? I think somewhere down the line, the Scottish Premier League decided to stay away from the English Premiership and have paid the price that you have just highlighted. At the end of the day though, it would be upto barca's socios to decide if they'd want their club in La Liga after independence or not.

  • Ramon Torramilans Roca says:
    27 de setembre de 2014 a les 8:25

    Readingormer comments . Do you think that in Catalunya There is no further life T'han Barça, a football Team? You are wrong. Barça is Moré T'han a football Team but Catalunya is mora T'han Barça.

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