dimecres, 11 d’abril de 2012

Tomeu Amengual to Join Jaume Bonet in Hunger Strike

Tomeu Amengual joined the hunger strike to defend the Catalan language on Monday March 26th. Amengual (64) is an oceanographer and chemist. He wants to “appeal to Partido Popular representatives who might not agree with thelinguistic policies their own party is setting up.” In other news, Jaume Bonet has received support from the Conferencia de Educadores Americanos (AmericanEducators Conference), an influential network of five million South Americanteachers, who sent a letter to the hunger striker. The letter, in Spanish, saysthat, “As educators in the American continent, we support any initiative that might foster the respect and conservation of our unique identities.”

In the meantime, protests are spreading all over the islands. On Sunday 18th, the Association of Teachers for the Catalan Language in the Balearic Islands was created to oppose the recent legalactions against Catalan. On the same weekend, eighteen villages in Majorca witnessed the protests by countless human chains.

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