diumenge, 22 d’abril de 2012

The Gamebook

What happens when three talented freaks join to talk about a little project? That an application development company is born!

That’s how Epnuke Studio began...

From a simple idea, a “Choose your adventure” book in Android app format, a great creative project was born.

Now the talented freaks in Epnuke Studio are growing in numbers, all of them working non-stop to consolidate a company that serves not only to fill the creative and passionate souls of its creators, but to promote the Catalan culture in the world, filling the cell phones of the planet with applications full of emotion, culture and interactive adventures.

This simple gamebook has become an interactive history novel in the shape of a trilogy of more than 2.000 pages, where the user not only puts himself in the shoes of the main character of the tale and make his decisions, but also rolls the dices to beat a lot of combats and challenges.

Thanks to the joining of new members to Epnuke Studio, the applications will be available soon for the Apple and WinPhone operating systems.

Apart from this great epic historical tale, Epnuke Studio is working in the post-production of a series of raw epic fantasy gamebooks, addressed to an adult audience. It’s set in a world full of germorian magic, danger, blood, liver, and sex!

And for the youngest members of the family, we are developing a group of gamebooks specially designed for them, to encourage the children to read.

This is us. This is Epnuke Studio, and you can download our Gamebook HERE for free!

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