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Same book, different covers

Same book with two different covers
It is no news that the cover of a book may be different depending on the language ​it is published in—even if it's in the same language, but in different countries.

However, this is more suspect (politically suspect) in the case of Geronimo Stilton's latest book: The day of the book (in Castilian), The book and the rose (in Catalan).

The only difference between both editions is the mysterious disappearance of the Catalan flag in the Spanish version. The catalan flag tipically appears displayed on book stands in the Rambles in Barcelona and Catalonia on that day.

This new adventure by Geronimo Stilton takes place in Catalonia, and is framed in the context of the long-standing tradition of Sant Jordi, revolving around the book and the rose. However, it appears that this is not enough compelling reason to keep an element that apparently could affect sales of this book in the next Book Fair in Madrid.

The darkest side of all this, however, is forcing the publisher to do what they did, since they are fully aware that nothing is more generalized in Spain that hatred against Catalans. Simply, in Spain very few people would buy a book that contains a Catalan flag on its cover or its pages. On the contrary, it would be perceived as a provocation and generate waste. So the publisher becomes an accomplice of this rejection and will not hesitate to offend Catalans in exchange of cash. They probably think that replacing an identity for another is not an ideological decision. I must also think that publishers would not publish any book ever with a black token, Jewish, Palestinian or Catalan in a racist society to be averse to any such identities. Business is business, and, if necessary, is allied to racism in Spain. Racism, after all, is also a market. And the money in this market is also good for business.
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