divendres, 6 de juliol de 2012

A big success: Twitter available in Catalan

Starting today, Twitter is available in Catalan, bringing the total number of supported languages to 30. The Catalan version of Twitter was possible thanks to a relentless campaign by many individuals who used the hashtag #twitterencatalà to make their demands heard.

The Catalan translation has been made possible thanks to countless volunteer translators. Twitter has been using a shared translation model since 2009. The next versions to be translated will be Afrikaans, Basque, Czech, and Greek. If you speak one of these languages and would like to join the efforts to make Twitter available in it with the next release, please visit the Translation Center and follow @translator. Languages that are 100% translated by then will be made available to all users.

Some Catalans are now supporting a campaign for a Galician version of Twitter with the hashtag #TwitterQuerGalego. As is now usual, many Spaniards are angered by the Catalan version of Twitter, and they express their anger through their tweets. You can read some of them by following @apuntem, who has been gathering hate speech against Catalans on Twitter. It is unclear exactly why these Spaniards are so angry at Twitter being in Catalan. It seems they just hate all things Catalan.

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