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Declaration in Support of Catalonia's Independence Process

The undersigners of this declaration, coming from different backgrounds and ideologies, support the peaceful will expressed by the Catalan people to begin the process towards the constitution of an independent State, which should vertebrate Catalonia's aspiration for freedom and full self-government.
Catalan Independentist Flag

We consider that the Spanish autonomy system, imposed for over 30 years, has proved incapable of respecting Catalonia's needs. This is clearly demonstrated by the disagreement between the various shared-sovereignty models proposed by Catalonia, and the centralist model defended by Spain.

Without acknowledgement of Catalonia being a nation, being part of Spain not only is detrimental to the Catalan citizens in their chances of improving or even maintaining the current level of well-being, but it even diminishes and gravely limits Catalonia's economic and cultural development, thus affecting the social cohesion and the standard of living of future generations.

All these facts appeared clear right after the June 28th, 2010 Spanish Constitutional Court ruling, when two possible outcomes were presented to Catalonia: to either disappear as a nation, and integrate fully as just another piece of the Spanish nation, or to begin an independence process that would lead to the creation of a free Catalan State.

As a result, a non-partisan, grassroots movement emerged to pave the road for the creation a State. We must remember that Catalans have repeatedly shown peaceful and democratic conviction, and shall not weaken in their determination, because nowadays it is a necessary condition in any national liberation process.

Finally, let us remember that the Catalan Parliament has declared several times that Catalonia is a nation and, as such, it has never renounced to its legitimate right to self-determination, approved by the United Nations Charter.

That is why we declare our full support to the Catalan society in its efforts to achieve full national freedom and become a free State in Europe.

If you want to learn more about the Catalan Nation Assembly, click here.

Catalan National Assembly

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