Spain wastes 30,000€ every year on a flag

Spain is asking for help from Europe. They have no money left—or so they say. If you are European you have already paid money to “rescue” the Spanish economy. However, the truth is, the Kingdom of Spain is squandering money away every hour in megalomaniac projects. One of them would be the big flag in Colon Square, located in Madrid. The flag was put up first in 2001 when the Spanish PP’s Government decided to raise it. The total value to achieve this meant that 378,000€ were to be wasted in public works. Meanwhile, at the same time the post-fascist Kingdom of Spain has the nerve to beg for European money.

The enormous flag is 21 x 14 meters, it weighs 40 kg, and is not the only one in existence. In fact, there are four other flags which are being changed monthly. Every year three of these 'hyper-massive' flags are destroyed because according to the PP´s Government, they don't appear brand new. Every flag costs 10,000€. hence, the total cost to maintain this imperialist symbol is equivalent to 30,000€ per year. Despite all the cost and effort, the flag fell down last August (as can be seen in the picture). Curiously, this happened on the same day the king of Spain also tripped and fell.

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  • Arnau Estanyol says:
    29 de setembre de 2012, a les 8:06

    Some months ago came to Spain a deputy of the USA with the aim to see the Spanish high speed trains. He got impressed to see the great rail net built and connecting the main capitals with Madrid. But he said that USA cannot afford such a huge expense. Spain has got the doubtful record to have more economical capacity to spend money in those matters than the USA. This shows that Spain has wasted its resources and more important: the resources plundered from Catalonia in imperialism rather than economics.

  • Anònim says:
    29 de setembre de 2012, a les 9:20

    The Ministry of Public Works can not afford access to the works of the new cargo terminal at the port of Barcelona, which employs and create wealth

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