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The March to Europe arrives to Strasbourg on September 11th

The March to Europe is a walking of 1100Km done between Catalonia and Strasbourg to take to the politicalheart of Europe the voice of an oppressed nation: Catalonia. It is a private initiative undertaken by a group ofCatalan citizens to take to the European Parliament several manifestos on the independence of Cataloniawritten for the occasion by several institutions and collectives. 

Representing the will of the majority of the Catalan citizenship (latest official polls give 51% of citizensvoting YES to the Independence against a minority of 24%) the following organizations’ stands will arrive,thanks to the ‘March to Europe’, to the political heart of Europe, giving testimony of this certain andoutspoken Catalan reality:

  • Municipalities for the Independence Association (MIA) (http://www.ami.cat) 
  • European Partnership for Independence (EPI) (http://www.epicentres.info)
  • Catalan National Assembly (CNA) (http://www.anc.cat)

Since August 4th, a group of Catalans are walking non-stop from Vic (Catalonia). It has been more than 6weeks to get to Strasbourg, and this next tuesday at 11’00h they will arrive to the European Parliament. Theywill be received by several MEP's and they will register the manifestos plus a question for the EuropeanParliament.

Manifestos in English:March to Europe:

European Partnership for Independence (EPI):
(Scotland-Catalonia-Flanders-Euskal Herria)

Catalan National Assembly:

Catalonia Says Enough! Platform
(ownerdirectors tax desobidience to the Spanish state initiative)

More information:
Robert Garrigós

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