diumenge, 9 de setembre de 2012

PRESS RELEASE—International broadcast of the #11S2012 demonstration

Help Catalonia has been working for two years now in order to capture international support for the Catalan cause, and will be broadcasting live the demonstration organized by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC). Both from the press room and from the streets our members will be providing updated English-only information via Twitter (@HelpCatalonia) and from our website www.helpcatalonia.cat.

Additionally we'll be publishing entries in our website about the demonstration, following an agreement with ANC's international relations. These articles will explain in English what is the ANC, and why they are organizing the demonstration. We will also publish articles on historical background, plus collaborations by personalities like former minister in chief Josep Bargalló, member of European Parliament Ramon Tremosa, former minister Josep Huguet, or dignitaries like Elisenda Paluzié, and one of the participants in the European March to Brussels.

Finally, Help Catalonia will be demonstrating alongside eighteen other organizations* carrying the sign with the words Catalonia, New Independent State in Europe.

*The organizations are as following:
Ara o Mai, CADCI, Catalunya Diu Prou, Catalunya SÍ, Cercle Català de Negocis, Club FNEC, Deumil.Cat, DNI.Cat, European Partnership for Independence, FNEC, Fundació Catalunya Estat, Fundació Randa-Lluís M. Xirinacs, Gent de la Terra, Help Catalonia, Institut Nova Història, Intersindical-CSC, Sobirania i Justícia, Sobirania i Progrés, and Welcome Mr. President.

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