dijous, 6 de setembre de 2012

The Catalan National Assembly

The Catalan National Assembly (Assemblea Nacional Catalana - ANC) is a grassroots, democratic, peaceful, non-partisan organization. It seeks coherent responses both in action and dialogue, and is organized through local and regional assemblies.

The Assembly has its roots in the struggle and the will of the Catalan people to regain their freedom and full governance. The Assembly evolved from Assemblea de Catalunya (Assembly of Catalonia), founded during the Franco years forty years ago, with the goals of freedom, democracy, and the right of self-determination for Catalonia.

More recently, it stems from the popular referendum on independence initiated at Arenys de Munt, the demostration of more than one million people in Barcelona on July 10, 2010 protesting against the Constitutional Court ruling, and the April 30th, 2011 Conference for a Catalan State.

The Assembly was constituted on March 10th, 2012. Its goals are:

− Facilitating the necessary conditions to obtain a social majority in favor of Catalonia's independence.

− Heightening awareness and mobilizing the Catalan people towards a fully independent State.

− Becoming a strong social force capable of influencing politicians into organizing a referendum on self-determination, and/or unilaterally declaring independence.

In order to achieve these goals the Assembly will continue to work with the maximum generosity in a positive, inclusive, collaborative way so that Catalonia becomes a fully independent State, and to do so with the widest consensus.

For these purposes, the Assembly has organized a demonstration for this coming September 11, Catalonia's National Day, to show that Catalans want an independent Catalonia. This demonstration is expected to be massive.

Promotional poster for the event

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