dilluns, 14 d’octubre de 2013

A hypothetical intervention in Catalonia

The Ministry of Defense denies the tweets published on Twitter by a lieutenant colonel of the Spanish army saying that the military intervention in Catalonia has been already planned.

A female military person, lieutenant colonel Patricia Ortega, wrote on her Twitter account, “In the likelihood that Catalonia caused any problems, military intervention would be guaranteed,” “Catalonia would be occupied by the armed forces in less than two days and Catalan government would be annulled.” She has also tweeted: “the Spanish army has a fleet in the Mediterranean ready for any eventuality.”

For now, her account, @6982156, has been suspended as of 17:15, and the Ministry of Defense has also denied on Twitter: “The tweets published by @6982156 are not exactly true and they either do not have anything to do with Patricia Ortega, nor with the Ministry of Defense or with the Armed Forces.”

Patricia Ortega was the first woman to join the Spanish army in 1988.


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