Spanish fascists attack freedom and security of all citizens


A bunch of Spanish fascists met together last Saturday in front of the fire station in Mataró where a Catalan estelada flag is on permanent display. They shouted and demanded that it be put away. But the display of a certain flag at the fire station is always a decision taken by agreement of all staff members.

Instead of a peaceful demonstration, the fascist demonstrators used verbal abuse against the firemen and even blocked the emergency exit used by fire trucks. Thus, they compromised the safety of the people in Mataró-in case of fire or some other emergency. Among the demonstrators, there were several members of the Falange Española party and the spokesperson for Ciutadans (C’s) in Mataró, Juan Carlos Herrando. Finally, a brigade of the Mossos (Catalan police) intervened so as to guarantee uninterrupted service by the firemen.

On the previous day 200 people had taken part in a peaceful demonstration to support the firemen’s decision. There were no insults and nobody was mentioned then. The participants simply showed their agreement with the democratic decision taken by the local fire station in Mataró.

The fascists, curiously enough, were shouting “We won’t get fooled, Catalonia is Spain” and “Being Spanish is our pride,” exactly the same slogans used on 11th September by the fascist gang that attacked the Generalitat’s Office in Madrid. On that occasion, they hit several people that were celebrating the Catalan National Day, threw some chairs down and other pieces of furniture, and filled the place with tear gas—which sent several people to hospital. The perpetrators, by the way, ended up getting a fine of just €300, which is quite ridiculous considering that you get a higher punishment just for drinking beer in a football stadium.

Ramon Tremosa, a Catalan EU MP, is sending a formal complaint to the European Commission about the whole affair. He wonders why “attacking Generalitat’s Office in Madrid is so cheap while you can get six-month prison just for speaking Catalan to a Guardia Civil (Spanish Police officer).”

The facts, once again, make it clear that democracy in Spain has not the same quality or value as it is supposed to have in all EU state members. Unfortunately, Spanish fascism is still alive and still able to commit outrageous actions.

Fascist demonstration in Mataró – Video:


Fascist attack to Generalitat’s Office in Madrid – Video:


Sources: La Vanguardia and Vilaweb.cat


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