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Spanish Ultra-Nationalists Organize Party to Burn Catalan Flags

The youths of La España en Marcha (Spain on the March), a platform made up of various extreme right-wing parties, organized a party in Madrid on September 28th at which there was a "burning of separatists rags" (meaning the burning of Catalan starred flags).

The event was organized under the slogan Juntos por España (Together for Spain) to raise funds to attend the October 12th demonstration in Barcelona for the unity of Spain, coinciding with the Día de la Hispanidad (Spanishness Day AKA Columbus Day).

The Falange [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falange], Nudo Patriota Español (Spanish Patriot Nexus), Alianza Nacional (National Alliance), Movimiento Católico (Catholic Movement) and Democracia Nacional (National Democracy) have signed a joint manifesto under the slogan España en Marcha in which they assure the time for a Spanish national revolution has come.

"We should all abandon the passive, apathetic and nihilistic attitudes and respond properly to the continuous and constant affronts and humiliations inflicted on our nation by their enemies, all with the shameful indifference and collaboration of the current ruling classes, ultimately responsible for the loss of the national consciousness and the pride of belonging to our people" they state.

Source: E-Notícies

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