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Help Catalonia's Volunteers: “We are the People”

Help Catalonia is a digital newsblog dedicated to the internationalisation of the Catalan Issue for over three years, and is made up of volunteers exclusively.

Who we are
Volunteers, volunteers and more volunteers, from different countries and nationalities who go beyond political parties and interest groups to denounce the covert war Spain is waging on the Catalan People.

Evidence of Spain's covert war
Insults, abuse, threats, slights, betrayals, purloining our identity, concealing our history and manifold non-observances of commitments.

We are Volunteers for Help Catalonia because we want the right to decide, to hold a referendum, to defend our language and to live in a democratic country.

We are Volunteers for Help Catalonia because we don't want to disappear as a people nor be trampled upon.

We are Volunteers for survival and dignity. 

We are the voice of Catalans who want to be be free and who need international assistance to free ourselves of the clutches of the Spanish State. That's why we publish our own articles and translate the news featured in the media to English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

We are Volunteers because we owe it to our parents, grandparents, and to the hundreds of thousands of forebears who suffered and died fighting for democracy and Catalonia.

We are the voice of people who feel Catalan because, as Catalan author and poet Joan Sales put it, “Quite simply, I feel Catalan in the same way an apricot might feel like an apricot and not like a peach.”

Would YOU like to Help Catalonia as a Volunteer? You won't have to pay any dues, but you won't get any pay either, because we don't get any subsidies or support of any kind. You won't report to any party or government, because Help Catalonia was born free for freedom.

Want to become a Help Catalonia Volunteer? You will help a noble cause: the freedom of a people that has cried Freedom! for 300 years. Click here!

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