dissabte, 16 de novembre de 2013

Rajoy: The very one who does not allow to vote, is accused of receiving pluses.

After weeks of information that presumably linked the Partido Popular (PP) and various of its leaders, including Mariano Rajoy and Maria Dolores de Cospedal, with an unlawful funding plot and, the same day in which Luis Bárcenas  – former manager and former PP treasurer– stated that there was a system of extra pays and flows of dirty money within the PP, the Presidend of the Government Mariano Rajoy has carried on with his strategy of not facing the problems, not meeting the requests, and letting the time go by.
Not only the President of the Government has not accepted an appearance request presented by the opposition and a large proportion of the Spanish population, but also he has merely denied everything in a press conference with the Prime Minister of Poland.
This evasive behaviour and paying little attention to the citizens’ demands are not new. For months now, in Catalonia –starting even before the regional elections of 25th November 2012–  millions of citizens have been asking to be allowed to celebrate a referendum in order to decide the future of Catalonia as a new State. The answers from Madrid are simply refusals and empty words whose only aim is to scorn the will of the Catalan people, through threats, mockery and even lies.
The Head of Spanish Government is buying time by postponing problems and any requests that are not in his best interest. This is a useless and counterproductive attitude since the Catalan independence movement keeps on growing covers an ever-increasing left-right political spectrum and it is becoming more and more solid. The only thing this is achieving is reducing the nearly absent possibility to avoid political conflict between Catalonia and Spain.


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