dijous, 12 de desembre de 2013

Be careful BBC

One BBC piece says that Catalonia would be excluded from the EU but fails to discuss, or even mention, the fate of Spain's national debt in that scenario. Could Madrid repay it on her own? Would Spain have to leave the euro and default? If she left the euro, would her debt be repayable in euros or in her new national currency? Would British taxpayers be ready to fill in the gap to prevent a Spanish default should Catalonia be excluded from the EU?

The failure to address these questions proves that the report is biased, being a mere English-language translation of Spanish reports on the issue. Readers expect more, much more, from the BBC. They expect an open, comprehensive discussion, of any relevant aspects of a story. One can understand the reasons why Spaniards are afraid to even mention this, since it would call their bluff. However, why should a BRITISH news outlet follow in their wake?

The failure to discuss the fate of Spain's national debt, should Catalonia be excluded from the EU, is even more poignant when one considers the exposure by British investors, plus that of British taxpayers through the different facilities of which the UK (despite not being in the euro zone) is a member. Are these investors and taxpayers, these licence fee payers, not entitled to learn about their potential losses?

In addition to amending this article and discussing Spain's potential default in future pieces, I would like to ask the BBC to also employ Catalan sources, not just Spanish ones"

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  • BritishAlways says:
    12 de desembre de 2013 a les 14:29

    Yep the spanish propaganda machine in motion. Everything the spaniards say is twisted. Mariano Killjoy all pally pally with Herman Van Rompuy at his side when he announced Catalunya’s consultation is illegal. (After Barosso, has Rompuy also been given an award/honour by spain??!!). Everyone said the Gibraltar referendum was illegal, and it crushed any further sovereignty discussions on Gibraltar!!! Spanish liars no one wants them.

  • Judge Fudge says:
    14 de desembre de 2013 a les 7:50

    Does anybody really think Scotland won't be in the EU the moment it becomes Independent? Why would Catalonia be any different?

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