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Flash News on Catalonia's Independence Process

** MEP Santiago Fisas, of Partido Popular, questioned the European Commission about images shown on Catalan public TV, in relation to the Catalan Way, where children are shown giving support to independence. Likewise, several Madrid conservative newspapers, such as El mundo and La razón, complained about Catalan children appearing in the youth TV program Info-K, where they celebratd Catalonia’s national day.

**Spain’s Congress, the equivalent to a house of representatives in Spain, officially praised Blas de Lezo, a military hero who participated in the assault and occupation of Barcelona on 11 September 1714. The homage to Blas de Lezo was made by members of PP and the Spanish nationalist party UPyD.

**KAI-OLAF LANG, adviser to the German Government, recommended that the Spanish government begin negotiations with Catalonia and warned that “if tension builds up, the countries that now speak about an internal affair will eventually intervene.”

** ROLAND VAUBEL, Manheil University professor and advisor to Chancellor Angela Merkel, stated that it’s clear an independent Catalonia would have to leave the EU “there are no precedents.” . In addition, Vaubel noted that “the Spanish constitution may prohibit secession, but cannot prevent a referendum.”
RAC1 via El Singular - 25 SETEMBRE 2013.

** Spanish parties Partido Popular and UPyD agreed to introduce an amendment to the new education law that would impose Spanish in classrooms all over Spain. This means, in fact, that other official languages ​u8203 such as Catalan would be considered second class languages. This new development is in line with Spain’s education minister, Wert, who has said that Catalan kids should be ‘Spanishized.’

**José Bono, former Minister of Defense and leader of the Spanish Socialist Party, compared, once again, Catalonia’s self-determination process to Nazism in in GERMANY in the 1930's.

** Political Law Professor, Antonio Elorza, compared yet again the Catalan process with the one in Germany in the 1930's. In an article in the newspaper El País, Elorza finds analogies between Nazi propaganda machinery, the methods used by Berlusconi and the Italian Northern League, and some programs on the Catalan public television, TV3.

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