dilluns, 9 de desembre de 2013

Silent majority turns into obvious minority on the streets

On Saturday 12th October the Spanish Unionists had their opportunity to show the world whether there is a silent majority in Catalonia wanting a united Spanish state. Well, in the end everybody realized that the majority isn’t a majority at all but rather a ridiculous minority of violent fascists.

Although the organisers put the figure of demonstrators at 500,000 they were obliged to revise this to 160,000 even though, according to the Spanish Government Delegation in Barcelona, there were just about 105,000 participants. Comparing this with over 2,000,000 participants in the Via Catalana, no-one can doubt that that the majority sent a clear message on 11th September.

Besides, taking into account all the coaches that arrived in Barcelona from all over Spain, it could be said that the alleged silent majority in Barcelona was notable by its absence yesterday.

The silent majority is nothing more than a minority of the fascist far right that feels free to walk round Barcelona with Falangist flags and Nazi insignia well into the 21st century. That’s democracy for you.

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