dijous, 30 de gener de 2014

Fuenlabrada increases the budget for bullfighting festivals by 139% in 2013

Fuenlabrada’s city hall has increased the budget allocated to 2013 bullfighting festivals by 139%, in comparison with the expenses for these events in 2012. This information was made public by the Spanish political party for the animal rights (PACMA), which complained about this increase in the 2013 city’s bullfighting festivities budget.

The increase sets a budget of €180,000 for these events, which take place every year in September. The expenditure breakdown is as follows: 32,409 € for the supply of nine bulls and six cows; €75,854 for organization and operation; and €71,500 for the transport, assembly and dismantling of the bullfight’s fences.

This information doesn’t only clash with Spain’s current dramatic situation, where social wellfare and investments have been critically cut, but clearly shows tthat the main Spanish political parties support animal torture financing it with public funds.

Source:  http://www.pacma.es/n/14748

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