dimarts, 11 de febrer de 2014

The actor Juan Diego, from Madrid, has set the web alight with an open letter criticising the Spanish government and showing support for Catalan independence

In the case of Catalonia, it is not always only misunderstandings and accusations that come from Spain. There are also people in the rest of the state who understand the Catalan situation and defend not only the right to decide of the Catalans, but also independence. This is the case for the well-known Spanish actor Juan Diego, who in the last few days has seen his name spread across the web. The reason for this being an open letter he wrote on his blog "Spanien Kaputt" in which he expresses his sadness at the conflict between Catalonia and Spain. Diego criticized Rajoy's government for answering “no” for so many years. “No” to everything, to sitting down to talk, to improving funding, to a better redistribution of solidarity funding and now to the referendum, and justifies Catalonia's right to independence in response to the continuous mistreatment received from the Spanish government. "I am not Catalan, I am from Madrid, and it saddens me to say that I understand that to carry on like this, it is best being alone. I would not want to remain where I am not appreciated either”.

The letter, which has gone viral online and has been reported across all media and blogs, has received a lot of praise from Catalonia, where the courage of Joan Diego, a prominent figure from Madrid, is admired for turning his back on the status quo. However, it has also led to staunch criticism from Spanish citizens who cannot tolerate anyone who is not Catalan supporting the cause for independence.

The casual candour and clarity of Juan Diego, presenting his point of view with solid arguments that even go against his own feelings, and avoiding the repetitive topics launched by Spanish Unionists, is a representative sample of a particular way of thinking, apparently of a minority in Spain, but that exists nonetheless, and it proves that Catalan independence also has supporters (often silenced and hidden) on the other side of the river Ebro.

Juan Diego

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