Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Respectable States?

Many leaders of countries that do harm to their own citizens and to other people are pledging false tears over the death of a true great man: Nelson Mandela. Those countries may belong to the so called " civilised western world ", they may also be the heads of states that disrespect basic civil rights, as Spain does. Everyting that governments do that harm its citizens is in great contrast to what Nelson Mandela stood for. No head of some states feels ashamed ( that is no news ) to continue doing harm to its own citizens, or to those outside the borders of their states. General De Gaulle told us: " Every State is a blocs of ice, they do not consider good or bad". He himselve took the consequences of a referendum that sad No to him and De Gaulle abdicated. Is a thing like that imaginable today ? Lets take just tree examples: Switserland, The Netherlands and France. Respectable states ? Case one: Switzerland. Some point in the history of Switserland, that tell us the opposite. During the Second World War and before, jews with no money were rejected at the Swiss border and thus ended in exterminationcamps and never got back. Those jews with a lot of money, were free to pass the Swiss border, never to see ther less wealthy family members and friends back. Untill today Switseland is applying this policy: accestance to take residence fot those who bring in a considerable amount of money. It is not strange at all to find persons of boubtful respect and ex-dictators with all they robbed in Switzerland. Until recently good friends of the Swiss state were such fallen dictaters in North Africa , and other dictators before them, whose regimes fell. If you think that Switzerland is a neutral state, you'll find people in diplomacy of other countries, politicians an economists in Switerzeland deneying that. Black money of the governments of many countries is to be found in Swiss banks. The Partido Popular, in governmet in Spain, is having its black money in Swiss banks and it is very difficult to find out exactly the amount and under whose name it is in those banks. Only if the international press takes a serious interest in the case some help can be obtained from Swiss authorities. With the greatest difficulties more and more money is discovered by the Spanish juridical investigaters in Switzerland. this is the way the Swiss state is helping hiding illegaly obtained money from the Partido Populars reigning Government. Is Switzerland a respecful state, helping the corrupt against thir own citizens as in the case of Spain ? Case two: The Netherlands In the Netherlands paying openly respect to Nazism and to Fascism is forbidden. Yet the Dutch state has no problem dealing on equal terms with the spanish government openly promoting the heroism of those who fought with Hitler, Mussolini or with both. The political cofiguration of the Dutch government is the liberal party working with the socialist party. Apart from the state of The Netherlands having close contac with Spain celebrating the virtues of those that fought with Hitler and/or Mussolini, the Liberal party is having close ties with the Partido Popular in an inter-European group of Liberal parties of witch the Partido Popular is a member. The Partido Popular is spending each year two milion tax payers euros on a monument for those who fought with Franco, Hiltler and Mussolini. Today in the monthly magazine of the Guardia Civil, a Spanish police force, those who were killed in Hitlers battles, are given special respect each year. The Netherlands a respectful country helping the Spanish government ? Case three: Germany The German Federal Republic is now more or less the master of Europe, what it decides is of direct consequence for a state as Spain. No state has clean hands.The organisation of an etnic cleanse, the silent evacuation of 100.000 Roma and Sinti from German soil is something different. Some organisations objected to tis program, but in one year the work was done. Yet when France tried to do the same with these minorities, Brussels stopped the French president Hollande, the press was in this case willing to investigate. Until today, Germans who worked for the Nazi state, get a state sension according to their rank during thise days, thus rewarded in some cases by helping Hitler fulfil his work in other cases rewarded to commit actual crimes in his name. in case some one finds out he/she became a hiher rank, he/she has to present the Nazi papers proving this fact and his/ her pension is raised. Germay has invested a huge amount of money in Spain during the time of growing Spanish ecominy and will do everything to get back the losses of this " risc money ", that helped provoke the economical bubble, and the Crisis that is partly a consequence of this economical irresponsible German investment. No econonist can deny that this is utterly unreasonable. Gernany is in more ways putting Spain and Catalonia in very dificult problems that provoque a prolonging of the Crisis in Spain and thus in Catalonia. These examples lead to the following conclusions. The countries, more ore less chosen at random ( exept Switzerland ) do: ---Help the Partido Popular led government in its use of power. This in a direct way against the People of Catalonia. --- in the Swiss case, this country helps the Partido Popular ( in gouvernmentpower ) hiding it's black money. No other European country can do this, as in all European countries this practice is forbidden.
 Jeroen Martijn van Wijk, historian

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