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Spain, leave us to make our own way : we have every right in the world

My name is Rita Bocca, I was born on the 25th of November 1967 in San Sebastiano Po, a town in the province of Turin (Italy) where I studied for a degree in political science. At 25 I moved to Castelldefels in Catalonia, where thanks to my languages (Italian, French, Catalan and Spanish) 'so far' it has not been hard to find work. I have now been living in Calafell for 10 years.

Since July 2013 I have been collaborating with www.helpcatalonia.cat (doing translations of articles from Catalan/Spanish to Italian, all of them about what is happening in Catalonia). In October 2013 I became a full member of the ANC and have collaborated with 'translators for independence.' In December 2013 I took over as regional treasurer for the ANC campaign 'sign a vote'.

Whilst living in Italy, I hardly knew that Catalonia or Catalan existed. I remember, in 1993, watching TV and not even knowing if it was in Catalan or Spanish, as I did not know either of those languages at the time. I have a special interest in languages and, amongst other things, I have obtained the DELE ( Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language ) and C-level Catalan .

Only a couple of years ago I said 'enough is enough'. I was fed up that I was seeing all kinds of news about the relationship between Catalonia and Spain, which to me, was just not convincing . My husband (a catalan from Perpignan in Northern Catalonia) always said that Catalonia is the last colony of Spain and I thought, 'What an exaggeration! What makes you say that? It can not be.' But yes, last summer I read 'Delenda Est Hispania' by Albert Bridge and I could not believe it. I could not believe how a country like Spain, which is defined as a democracy could lie to us even in history books. The history that you learn in Catalonia is not the same as that taught in rest of Spain. Obviously, ours is not 'objective', in the opinion of Spain.

When I heard that the Catalan language was banned, not 100 years ago, but much less, I thought this is too much. Knowing another language enriches you and also helps you learn more languages.... ! So say the experts and I can speak from experience .

But language is not the only thing that made me want to be an 'independentista'. I am an animal lover and I can not feel part of a country where there are tortures such as the 'Bullfights'. To those who say it is part of history and culture, I always say that in that case, why do the Italians not continue to have fights between gladiators, or between men and lions or tigers? Isn't that history and culture, too? I think, fortunately, countries evolve, or should evolve!

To conclude , I think it has become clear that I decided to give a helping hand to translate articles into Italian for Help in Catalonia because I want the people of my country to know what is happening here.

Why is Catalonia so important to me? Why do I want to do whatever I can to help Catalonia to be an independent and democratic state, as the people ask, because Catalonia is much more than my host country, I feel at home here and I want to fight because, for me, everyone has at least the right, to the power to decide to return to the State it once was. In my mind I can not understand why they don't want to let us decide. Is this democracy? I ask nothing more than that they set us free, we are mature enough to go it alone.

For me, Catalonia is a wonderful country, not only for the mountains or the sea, but because there are exceptional people. For example, I was operated on for skin cancer at the Hospital de Bellvitge and I assure you that I found wonderful people and professionals with whom I never felt that I was just a number, and that is priceless and I will appreciate that for the rest of my life .

Catalonia I love you! Long live Free Catalonia!

Rita Bocca

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