dimecres, 21 de maig de 2014

A hunger strike to defend a high-quality public education in Catalan

For three years now, public education has suffered continuous aggressions. Using the crisis as an excuse, a public educational system which has been socially cohesive and inclusive is being dismantled with economic, material and staff cuts. And also with the imposition of regressive and impossible reforms. And at the same time teachers are under a repressive situation never before experienced.
The reasons that have brought Jaume Sastre to start a hunger strike are thousandfold. And his demand is very simple: TO ASK THE BALEARIC ISLAND’S PRESIDENT, MR. JOSÉ RAMON BAUÇÀ, TO SIT DOWN AND NEGOTIATE WITH THE TEACHERS, LISTEN TO THEM AND REACH A CONSENSUS. Here are some of the most important points:
  1. The most important educational conflict in the recent history of the Balearic Islands has marked the year 2013-14, mobilizing people against the Government's  authoritarian and repressive policies. The peak was the most massive demonstration ever in the history of the Balearic Islands.
  2. Solidarity never seen before: tens of thousands of contributions reaching €690.000, in donations, activities, concerts, auctions…. in support of the teachers carrying on their indefinite strike until the Government agrees to rectify and start negotiations to reach a consensus. After eight months, no substantial progress has been made with their claims.
  3. Undeniable social recognition: eight associations from the educational, pedagogical, cultural, associative, journalist and linguistic fields have given prizes, awards and recognitions to the Teacher’s Assembly movement which has shaped the year.
  4. Repression never seen before: 4 secondary teachers have been ceased for political reasons; there have been more than 300 resignations during one year.
  5. A linguistic project against Europe, a legislative and pedagogical nonsense. The Government has turned its back to justice and educational community to apply in a hurry a deep change in the school linguistic models, without planning, consensus and resources. Contravening Regional, State and European laws.

It is required a quality education, that means not to increase pupil ratios, with enough specific teachers for them, academic freedom and without administrative disciplinary proceedings.
1. Stop all the administrative disciplinary proceedings started with clearly repressive intention before and during the strike.       
2. Withdraw the TIL decrre, a law that attacks the mother tongue.MariaServeraMatas_24S_03.JPG
3. Withdraw the decree project for Social Harmony and the Symbol Law.
4. Real transport grants and free school meals in due time and form. Enough and efficient resources in order to have a good book reuse system.
5. Go back to the previous workforces before teachers cuts. Also for the diversity awareness teachers and go back to  the previous pupil ratios before the cuts in educational budget.WP_001623.jpg
6. Immediate replacement for sick leave staff.
7. Sick leave 100% payed.
8. Interim teachers hiring during july and august.
9. Get the wage supplements lost back and recognise new six-year periods from the 1st of june 2012.  Achieve the wage agreement signed in 2008 for the concertada schools.
10. Request from the Regional Ministry of Education to the Central Government to withdraw the LOMCE (Organic Law for the Improvement of the Quality in Education).

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