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Again, Hunger strike to defend Catalan language

Jaume Sastre
Jaume Sastre, a teacher at Llucmajor high school in Mallorca, has begun a hunger strike today to demand the government negotiate with the teachers immediately. Sastre, who is a member of the Teachers' Assembly of the Balearic Islands, wants to demonstrate the rejection of the general education community to the government of Spanish Nationalist José Ramon Bauza, who remains determined to implement the controversial trilingualism decree and to crack down on striking teachers. The struggle of the Balearics' teachers began in September last year with a three-week strike and a mass demonstration in Mallorca. Teachers in the islands have always said yes to trilingualism, and believe as many languages kids may learn, the better. But this decree reduces the teaching of Catalan language (which is the own language of the Balearic islands) which is seriously threatened by Spanish government in the Islands.

Mr Sastre is staying at Sa Casa Llarga, a center for the socially excluded. Both Mr Sastre and the Teachers' Assembly hold a press conference yesterday to give details. We will keep informing.

In 2012 education community in the Balearic islands also started a Hunger strike to defend the Catalan languagewhich HC followed.

Pic taken at the school where Mr Sastre was teaching

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2 comentaris:

  • Susana Salvador says:
    22 de maig de 2014 a les 13:13

    Catalonia needs NO help. Their language is like a patua in any other country. Ccatalonia is SPAIN, and in SPAIN, we speak, write, read and dream in SPANISH.

  • Biel says:
    30 de maig de 2014 a les 6:18

    Seràs tu, Susana, la que llegeix, pensa i somnia només en castellà. No és el meu cas i fa MOLT LLEIG que generalitzis. És el teu cas, però no el de tots. Als països catalans hi ha fins a tres llengües oficials i totes als seus respectius llocs de parla han de ser exigides per ocupar un càrrec de funcionariat. Saben que persones com tu no ho entendreu mai i és aquest greuge que ens fa sentir descontents amb Espanya. La independència és URGENT per preservar els nostres drets com a catalanoparlants

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