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Already in 2012, Hunger strike to defend the Catalan in the Balearic islands

As you have seen Help Catalonia is fully supporting the #HungerStrikeforCatalan. Our organization has initiated a campaign to internationalize the hunger strike for the Catalan language. Jaume Sastre, a teacher at Llucmajor high school in Mallorca, begun a hunger strike on May 8th to demand the government negotiate with the teachers immediately. Sastre, who is a member of the Teachers' Assembly of the Balearic Islands, wants to demonstrate the rejection of the general education community to the government of Spanish Nationalist José Ramon Bauza, who remains determined to implement the controversial trilingualism decree and to crack down on striking teachers.You can help downloading this Green or White sign and share a picture of yourself snd sending it to helpcatalonia@gmail.com

But this is not new. In 2012 education community in the Balearic islands also started a Hunger strike to defend the Catalan language, which HC followed and this video shows the reasons why. On March 1st, 2012, Jaume Bonet began a hunger strike in Majorca to defend our language; as of March 18th, his fast has lasted already eighteen days. The Spanish nationalist party PP arrived to the Balearic government under the pretext of the economic crisis, but it has not carried out any of the measures of economic recovery for the islands. In fact, the situation is worsening, and PP takes advantage of it to rule the islands with a renewed offensive against the Catalan language. According to Bonet, their intention would be to make Catalan disappear or, at least, make it as peripheral as possible.

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