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From Terrorism to Fraud

It is of vital importance that the Government of Catalonia calls a Parliamentary session in order to solemnly declare Catalonia’s political rupture with the highly discredited ‘Spanish Empire’, adhere to the International Law –there is Life outside the ‘constitution’- and set a date for immediate elections to take place, so that the people of Catalonia can finally vote for their Independence with a formal request abroad, to ensure that the world keeps a watchful eye over the whole process. 

In the meantime, our political representatives should assign a prestigious panel of judges who, alongside the process, present before the Tribunal of The Hague a report against the Spanish State for GENOCIDE! Long overdue war compensations should be claimed from: Spain, Germany and Italy. And, at the same time, demand a new Nuremberg to judge the only existing regime which, to this day and in the hands of the Nazis and the assassin General Franco, no-one has yet condemned! 

Once all the cards are on the table, Catalans will cease to feel ridiculed and the ‘hidalgos (Spanish nobles), despots, inquisitors, villains and informers’ from the ‘Imperial Castille’ – the only remaining dregs of their rotten ‘empire’- will once and for all cease to ‘dance mockingly’ in front of us! 

Do I hear you say that things should not be done like this? Do I hear you say that this is not the way to solve things? Do I hear you say we need to maintain certain decorum? And who, then, will talk of substance? One thing is to avoid confrontations with colonizers, whether they appear dressed in civilian clothes or in uniform, and another very different thing is to trivialize the Independence of Catalonia!! It is not a matter of taking us all out to ‘pasture’ every September 11th. What we really need is to have politicians with character, capable of making decisions and able to defend our dignity. The tendency to make a pact, establish a dialogue, reach an understanding or an agreement with the ‘empire’ who, throughout history and at the present time, treats our country as a colony, is only accepted by politicians like Cambo and his ‘political descendants’. And here we must ask ourselves: when facing the truth, where were the ‘fathers’ of the present style of politics they so much praise? 

They were obviously occupying the Francoist ranks, providing funds for the ‘Empire’s national cause for God and for the indivisible and indissoluble unity of Spain’. It is understood, of course, that here there is only one country: Theirs! The rest are just provinces: ‘Conquered land!. 

Furthermore, when that nazi died many of us, willingly or not, swallowed the new idea that we were being driven towards a democracy! Some of us asked ourselves: how could we build a democratic society by following the will of a dictator who shoved down our throats the idea of a monarchy without ever taking it to the ballot box? Now, however, many of us have finally uncovered the farce. 

Meanwhile our politicians still intend to persuade us that we can still negotiate, establish a dialogue and reach an agreement with a people who are yet to condemn the old regime! If they are not willing to repent, how are they going to change their peculiar vision of the imperial Spain? What can we negotiate with people who are proud of their ‘crusade’? When the dictator died, they successfully persuaded us that our executioners had changed; now, however, after thirty-five years of scandals, pedagogies and mockeries, do they really think they can still cajole us? Do they take us for fools? Will the new negotiations be carried out in the same style of servitude like the one that has so far driven us to complete failure? Isn’t it the case that when one fails one tries to rectify the old mistakes? With the succulent salaries they receive and yet they still haven’t been able to shrug off the look of the butler who is proud to serve in a good home? They talk as if they are afraid to open their mouths and thus offend their master. They look like puppets pulled by strings. How was Jesus able to bring down an empire in a world without loudspeakers? 

Just as observed by Carles M.Espinalt in his book ‘The Written Work’ when citing Demostenes: ‘It is not possible to make a powerful speech without a firm intention of throwing a tirade’ Since they are so obsessed with maintaining their social standing, why don’t they learn to speak in public! Telling the truth through big loudspeakers requires standing! Lowering the voice so that the audience won’t hear you is a form adopted only by slaves! 

Therefore, insisting on maintaining one’s standing while, at the same time, offering an open hand, as Mr.Artur Mas said he would do shortly after the parody displayed in the Congress of the Spanish Empire, is an attitude particular of a slave! 

The depth of his talk, if it had any, evaporated in an instant. Or is it perhaps that they do not remember the shooting of people such as Carrasco Formiguera, Ildefons Sunyol or none other than our very own President Lluis Companys? Have they also forgotten that the Spanish language was enforced in our land with spilt blood? 

Is it up to these state terrorists who govern the ‘Empire’ by means of putrefied laws and who protect a corrupted monarchy as well as the will of a bloodthirsty nazi under the umbrella of their ‘sacrosanct constitution’ to legalize a collective survey (not through elections) for the Catalans? With whose moral authority? Have our politicians not understood the command given by the People of Catalonia? Have they not realised that we are offering them the opportunity to redeem themselves for all their wrongdoings? 

Brief: if we Catalans tolerate our political representatives to disgrace themselves in such a way it is only because we have neither shame nor dignity. Our plea aims to neither seek economical retribution, nor any bureaucratic nature, nor are we requesting any kind of protection. We are demanding JUSTICE! In short, when the existing laws are inspired by war criminals, these are not changed or agreed or even re-interpreted; instead, they are opposed! POLITICAL RUPTURE NOW!.

Encarna Parreno

Disciple of Prof. Carles M.Espinalt 
* Translated by Josepa Gomis

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