dimarts, 20 de maig de 2014

Let’s stop hunger strike. Let’s stop educational conflict in Balearic Islands


Past 8th of May, a teacher from the Balearic Islands - Jaume Sastre - started an undefined hunger strike in order to demand to the Balearic Government’sPresidentto start real negotiations with the teachers and start up the educational conflict which has completely disrupted normal life in classrooms during this year 2013-14.

This hunger strike is a very forceful action which comes after eight months of demonstrations, strikes and protests that have no founded an answer by the Government.
At schools, this year has not been normal at all. It started with an undefined strike which lasted eighteen consecutive days that meant a total paralysation for the educational system. During those days it took place the most mass demonstration ever seen in the Balearic Islands. More than 120000 people in the street (in Balearics do live 1.100.000 people), a real Human Green Wave asking the Government to rectify its educational policy in form and content. People’s call and solidarity spreaded everywhere.

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