dijous, 15 de maig de 2014

Who am I?

A Pole who has lived in Catalonia for three and a half years. Or perhaps I should say polaca, because most citizens call me like this, both Spanish and Catalan. And I want to be and would be proud to be Polish, like French or English. I´m tired of repeating to everybody that I am not a polaca, but a Pole, but I have to say polaca to mention a small detail of my origin. I am a linguist and a project manager fascinated by Catalan language and culture, a fairly normal human being. Perhaps the other inhabitants of Catalonia would see me differently when they knew that just after three years of living here I got what many people who live here do not have: the Catalan language certificate, level C. In my free time I write articles about my experiences here, about politics and the Catalan case. I like to share reports about this country. It has suffered greatly throughout its history, but this does not justify that it is still a place where sometimes things that happen are so strange that it is hard to believe. But it is also an incredible nation, with a sophisticated culture and many noble people.

I do not take possession of the right to be infallible: I'm wrong like everyone else.

Anita Janczak

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