divendres, 6 de juny de 2014

"El Jueves" censored in the Kingdom of Spain

"El Jueves" (Thursday) is a satirical magazine. It was censored yesterday (2014.06.05) and "kidnapped" from stores in the so called "democratic" Kingdom of Spain. This is Spanish meaning for press freedom. RBA, the company which owns it binned 60.000 copies at the last minute because their front cover showed Spain's King Juan Carlos putting a dung-filled crown on his heir Prince Felipe's head.

Cartoonist Albert Monteys and the artist behind King Juan Carlos’s dung crown, Manel Fontdevila, both announced their resignation. They both are Catalans. 

"El Jueves " was already forced to pull a front cover in 2007 which caricatured Prince Felipe and his wife  having sexual intercourse as it was deemed “disrespectful”. Copies of El Jueves came out a day later than usual with a new cover showing Pablo Iglesias leader of the grassroots political party Podemos (We Can). Iglesias is a subject. Its funny to laugh on him but not on the Kings. Are we all equal? Really?. 

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