diumenge, 8 de juny de 2014

Let's stop hunger strike: Resistance box, Solidarity made real

691000 €  to express support and solidarity through more than 5600 donations done by thousands of persons understanding teachers fight.IMG_4431.JPG
Teacher’s Assembly Resistance Box has arrived to 691000 €. It is considered as an immense exhibition of solidarity from the society towards the teachers. Thousands of people wanted to express their support to the teacher’s fight through the different actions that have taken place during the last months and have had an economic materialisation.

There have been a total number of 5615 donations which have been used by the teachers to keep high their fight after 18 days of strike with a very high following never seen before. From one hand, 117 organizations from different associations have contributed to the resistance box with 117000 €. More than fifty activities organized by parents associations,Conservatory, teachers,.... have to be outlined. And also a concert at Palma’s Auditòrium completely full. All these events supposed about 35000 €. It also was organized a historical auction with more than 200 artworks and more than 100000 € for the resistance box. Stand out more than 5285 private contributions that come to 400000 €.

representants de assemblea docents i responsables subhasta1.jpg

Supportive artists
220 artists have given 260 artworks that represent an example during the last thirty years of art with the different modalities: painting, sculpture, etching, comic,.... We are talking about an historical event realised in a brief period. Authors so renowned as Joan Miró, Jean Marie del Moral, Calder, Català Roca, Bernadí Roig, Humberto Rivas, Josep Maria Subirachs, Josep Guinovard, Ràfols Casamada, Damià Jaume, Ñaco Fabrer, Miquel Barceló, Menéndez Rojas, Riera Ferrari, Joan Ferran Aguiló, Antoni Tàpies, Toni Catany...

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