diumenge, 22 de juny de 2014

Repression against teachers, pupils and families

This year there’s been a repression never lived before against teachers and pupils. For political reasons disciplinary inquiries have been instituted to four headmasters. And all of them have been removed out of their charge. Three groups of youngsters have been persecuted and accused by police forces. Right now all of them are being absolved by courts. Negative sentences against a Government that do not wants to change.
1- Disciplinary inquiries to three secondary headmasters at Maó. An initial suspension from work without pay as headmasters between ten and fifteen days lasted for 6 months. That’s the reason why this disciplinary inquiries are considered as an attack to teachers without legal foundation.
2- Disciplinary inquiry to Marratxí’s secondary school headmaster. It is considered to be very serious the use of illegal recordings made by a minor in order to discredit a headmaster with 25 years of experience. Even more when the disciplinary inquiry that started the suspension from his charge has ended with acquittal by a tribunal.
3- Teachers have suffered from discrediting. Conselleria with its behaviour has settled a climate of oppression and tension among the schools. Education Autonomic Secretary, Guillem Estarellas, Fundación Nacional Círculo Balear and the Assemblea per una Escola Trilingüe have been pointed out as responsible to organize the pilot of persecution and claims against teachers.
4- Minor persecution. Both, the two groups of pupils that were arrested during the strike have been acquitted.
5- Intimidate the parents. During the undefined strike parents supporting it were threaten to be sueded to the public prosecutor for juveniles.
DSC_0006.JPGDuring this year more than 300 resignations to different charges have happened: the head of educational inspection, three hundred department chairperson, Minorca’s Education Delegate, the head in charge to apply the TIL law…. All these resignations are clear examples of a conflict which is blocked and still continues due to the ineffectiveness of the Government.

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