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Spanish nationalism is ready to initiate mechanisms of violence in the Catalan society

Javier Nart, the candidate of a Spanish nationalist party in Catalonia, confirms:

"We are heading straight into a social breakdown; there will be occasional acts of violence." The strategy against the democracy of the right of self-determination is to incite violence in Catalonia. 

Javier Nart, lawyer, TV pundit and Catalan by choice, promotes hatred towards Catalonia and incites the use of violence in the Catalan society.

With statements published at the hahstag #ViaUlster, Nart is attempting to become relevant in the Spanish political arena. He’s making a living and building his political career at the expense of degrading Catalonia through the media by stirring up the hate between the Spanish and the Catalans.

In an interview published at one of the most subsidized Spanish media , Nart clearly states he is against the joy of the Catalan Way and the right of self-determination. The unionists, who don’t want to lose and are terrible losers, will act without any legitimacy inciting violence in the Catalan society.

The Spanish Nationalists want to take lies and hatred towards Catalans to the European political arena.

The interview does not hide Nart’s intentions. On the contrary, it reveals hatred towards the right of self-determination. The aim of this former militant of the Spanish socialist party PSOE, full of hate towards the people who welcomed him, is to wage war against democracy.

Some quotes:

"Europe was created precisely against nationalism. It was created with the clarity that there would be no more nationalism –and separatism even less.”

"Catalan nationalism is acting as a sociological Francoism."

"It's very curious that sort of schizophrenic knowledge based on talking about the bombing of Barcelona, but not why they were bombed. They were bombed for the same reasons I would defend, which are not the privileges of Mr. Casanovas. "

“There will be neither shots nor casualties, but there will be social tension. There will be occasional acts of violence. Thank god, no party supports violence in Catalonia. However, exclusion essentialism has these consequences. One thing is that one does not promote it –as no separatist promotes it either– but when they state that unionists are bad Catalans for defending the theft, the looting, the cultural genocide, the oppression and occupation, how do you see me? "

“You will be scared shitless when we arrange an Ulster for you”

Some denied it and keep on denying it, but reality puts everyone in their place. The words of the Spanish nationalist candidate make it very clear. It’s about stirring fear, lies and insults in order to incite violence in Catalan society. But the Catalans Democrats refuse fall into their trap.

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