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Attack at the Catalan National Assembly (CNA) stall in Granollers in broad daylight

Attack at the Catalan National Assembly (CNA) stall in Granollers in broad daylight

This is the second attack that the organisation has suffered recently during the annual “Blancs i Blaus” festival, following the disruption suffered on Wednesday morning at its premises.

Firstly, there was the disruption that the CNA was subjected to at their premises in Granollers this Wednesday morning. Now, this Saturday evening, there was a direct attack in broad daylight just in front of the Granollers Casino.

According to reports by the CNA and various witnesses, “with the street full of people”, two individuals between the ages of 30 and 40 insulted members from the organisation who were at the stall collecting signatures for ‘Signa un Vot’ (a petition to give Catalans the right to vote for independence) and “tore down signs and placards”.

However, the events did not stop there. People in the surrounding area wanted to defend them which led to the break-out of a fight in which two people, who were defending the CNA, “were left badly hurt”. According to reports by the organisation, one had to be taken in an ambulance. The attackers fled towards the Torras i Villà park and were finally arrested by the Catalan police.

The people, defenders of democracy
The CNA in Granollers has released a statement thanking “the co-operation of the people for defending democracy”. The organisation also recommends “letting them act without getting involved” and, if needs be, “take a photograph of the attack and file a complaint”. They are also keen to remind people that “the objective of the CNA is to gain independence peacefully”.



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