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Barcelona hosts the first Gaudí World Congress

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Worldwide experts gather to discuss the Catalan architect's works

The first edition of the Gaudí World Congress is being held in Barcelona since October 6 and will end tomorrow. Seven biannual congresses have been scheduled until 2026 when Gaudí's Sagrada Familia is expected to be complete. Worldwide experts are discussing these days the Catalan architect's works and exchanging new studies, documents, works and materials.

This year 'The laboratory of the Genius and the origin of shapes. The Crypt of Colònia Güell' is the title of the congress, organized by Universitat de Barcelona and The Gaudí Research Institute. The meetingsa are held on the conference rooms of the university's historic Building, where the architect graduated in 1878.

This congress is the result of a long-time petition by the architect's specialists and aims to study Gaudí's values, solutions and how can those be applied to the 21st century problems.

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